Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Crystal Jade Kitchen @ Isetan Scotts

It was one of the days we were walking where the ladies were shopping and the guys were window shop. After walking around 4 or 5 hours, your legs grow tired and weary. You also get hungry and angry. LOL

We just wanted to have a quick dinner and be done with dinner. LOL

I am sure you all have this feeling every now and then. After walking around, our last stop was at Isetan Scotts. As it was dinner time, we thought we would just eat at the same building.

We decided on Chinese food, so we end up at Crystal Jade Kitchen. Wow, this place seems to be popular, it's quite packed!

*** Veggies and Tofu ***

Just a simple tofu and veggies dish.

Veggies with Tofu

*** Claypot Fish Head ***

We had ordered this first because the service staff said it will take some time to prepare. It was nice. Fish was fresh and if you like saucy things like this, you would love it. Eat it with all the rice you want!

But we noted that it had lots of tofu. The lady should have told us, so that we would order a different veggie dish. We had tofu overdose.

Fish Head with Tofu in Claypot

If you are wondering where is the fish? It's probably still swimming in the gravy.
We love the thick pieces of sio bak on it.

Guess what? Before dinner, we had some snacks bought from the Isetan supermarket. They had a German fair and we bought some German Grilled Pork. It looks exactly like the Chinese Sio Bak! It taste the same too!

*** Minced Meat with Brinjal ***

Another of the veggie dish. It's a bit small today though.

Mince with Brinjal

*** Stir Fried Pork Liver ***

The whole table loves pork liver except me. I did not try it at all.  ;-)

Pork Liver

Crystal Jade Kitchen
350 Orchard Road
Isetan Scotts #04-00
Singapore 238868

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Life for Beginners said...

Hmm. Crystal Jade Kitchen. Yes, it's a franchise, yes it's usually full... but when one is tired from walking and shopping, it's usually a dependable choice also.


Keropok Man said...

They have it in KL?

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