Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kin Turtle Soup @ Lavender Food Square

A few weeks ago, I joined an 'oldies' aka retirees group for an all night trip around Singapore. The excursion was organized by seniors for seniors. It was meant for folks over 55 years old in our church's Senior Fellowship. Somehow Sis and I got interested. We realized our uncle and aunt were interested too! Our aunt knew the organizers and so she registered for us! Phew! It was going to be awkward if we call the organizers saying two young ones would love to join their outing.

We got interested because the itinerary that was printed in the church bulletin looked rather captivating! We were particularly interested at the part which had a trip to the Wholesale Fish Market at the Jurong Fishery Port. We were hoping it will be like the Fish Market in Japan. Alas, it was not as interesting. But it was not a wasted trip. We saw LOTS and LOTS of fish and other seafood! (We can't take photos at the fishery port, so there won't be any post about it.)

The trip started at 9pm. (it ended at 5 am) First few stops the touristy spots along the Singapore River. We were at Clarke Quay, Boat Quay etc. Quite 'happening' eh, these folks!

Included in their things to do was a trip to the Lavender Food Center. We were scheduled to be here around half an hour to midnight! The older folks were saying they were hungry! These folks do enjoy eating so they planned a stop here! There was many recommendations of what to eat by these experienced folks. One of the things that they said to we got to try was 'Kin Turtle Soup'.

Kin Turtle Soup

Hmmm. Turtle Soup. I think I have only tried turtle soup when my parents served them to me without telling me what it was! This time I knew exactly what it was, so I was hesitant in trying.

Kin Turtle Soup

Our dear aunt ordered a bowl and I got to try it from her bowl. Hey, it was nice. The soup is actually nice!! It's very herbal. It's like the herbal version of Bak Kut Teh, instead of pork, this was turtle!

I only had 2 soup spoon of the soup before I remembered it was turtle. OK. I promptly returned the soup to my aunt. (Laugh at me if you want.)

Now, this the turtle soup is the turtle soup that I am more familiar with!

Ben & Jerry Turtle Soup

The Ben & Jerry's Turtle Soup! I can eat tubs of this turtle soup without feeling guilty!

Which turtle soup do you like? :-)

Kin Turtle Soup
380 Jalan Besar
Lavender Food Square
Singapore  209000

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