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Goldleaf New Taiwan Porridge @ Thomson Plaza

There are now so many online deals that allows you to buy coupons and eat at a discounted rate. Some places that's offering the discount are places that you have not been for a very long time. The wife has been buying coupons of places her parents used to go and we pass it to her parents. We recently got them 2 coupons for this porridge place that they used to go until it became quite expensive to go.

My new in laws have been telling me stories about the wife. They told me Momo used to like to come here when she was a little girl and named her favourite dishes. (The dishes are no longer sold! haha) They said in those time, it was considered a treat to eat out, plus all related stories comes rolling out. They tell you everything, no holds barred!

Since the dad-in-law is Baba, he sometimes speaks his Baba Malay that only the mother-in-law and I understands. The wife is a half nyonya but she does not understand even the most simple peranakan malay! It was all so fun, until Momo and I get back to our own home! Oops.

Goldleaf new Taiwan Porridge at Thomson Plaza

The Goldleaf that they used to go was at Neil Road. That place does not exist anymore.
The now more modern branch that we visited was at Thomson Plaza.


Diners get the option of free flow of porridge or rice.
We all had porridge and all of us had 2 bowls of it each.

Cold Cockles Salad

Our favourite dish of the night. It's a very little bowl of cold bloody fresh cockles that was so so delicious!

I know many people would not even touch it. If you like cockles order this here. The best thing is that you don't need to open the shells to dig it out!

Cold Cockles Salad

The cockles was served with this dipping sauce that's salty and spicy.
The cockles with this sauce was quite addictive that we wanted to order another portion of it!

Xian Yu Dou Ya

The beansprouts stir fried with salted fish.

We thought this was quite nice too. The fragrance from the salted fish was so hypnotizing. You can smell it as it approaches your table. Eat in moderation lah. Salted fish is not really good for health. ;-)

Mei Cai Kou Rou

The "Mei Cai Kou Rou". (Braised pork belly with preserved mustard greens)
The 4 of us did not really like it. It has the smell of other innards, but it's not in this dish.
The innards were probably braised together with the pork belly, which gave it a rather strong smell.

Giving it a facebook 'unlike' or a google+ 'minus 1'.


The fried egg omelet was OK only. Nothing really special.
You get the I can do it better at home kind of feeling. ;-)

Fried Small Fish

I forgot the name of this dish. It's the small fish, yet it looks more like giant ikan bilis that's deep fried till crispy and covered with black sauce.

We all loved this. It's the kind of fish that goes with porridge. You will nibble it non stop!

San Bei Ji

The San Bei Ji here was quite good. Taste was not overly marinated till it's too salty.
A crowd pleaser. If the portions were a bit bigger, it would be better. ;-)

It's a pricey place for porridge. It was around $70 plus for the meal. With the coupons that we purchased, the total was around $50 plus. We particularly like the fresh cold cockles.

Goldleaf New Taiwan Porridge
301 Upper Thomson Road,
#01-112 Thomson Plaza,
Singapore 574408

Hours: 10 am - 10 pm
Tel:  6459 9180

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Kenny Mah said...

Cockles? Cold cockles? Errr... *faints*

red fir said...

I think they call these crispy taman fish! Love them as well, yummy with porridge.

thedeadcockroach said...


Unknown said...

Try it, it's bloody delicious!

yes yes, thanks! Crispy Taman Fish.

ka chuak,
You like see hum too? yum yum right?

Anonymous said...

fresh cockles with lime.. yum.. the cafe on the ridge used to have it when they run the porridge buffet. LeAnne.

Unknown said...

Hi LeAnne,

Now that you mentioned it,
Ya, I think I remember that!


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