Saturday, August 06, 2011

Kit Kat Ice Cream @ Udders Ice Cream

Have a break! Have a Kit Kat!

Now, look at this scoop of ice cream! Can you guess the flavour?
It's chocolately, a litte chewy, has some wafer bits.

Kit Kat

You can have it on its own, in a bowl or a cone.

Kit Kat

Or you could have that ball of ice cream with freshly made warm waffle!

Kit Kat

If you are Kit Kat fan, and also an ice cream fan, you would be glad to know that Udders Ice Cream now has the Udders Chocolately Kit Kat Ice Cream!

Do you want to know how you can redeem a scoop of the Kit Kat ice cream?
Kit Kat

From 28 July to 24 August 2011, head down to any Watsons Store  and grab 3 bar of Kit Kat Chunky. Keep the receipt from Watsons and exchange it for Kit Kat ice cream at any Udders Ice Cream branches.

To find the nearest Udders branch near you, click on to:


  • I was at Watson recently and saw that the price of each bar was $1.70
  • If you are like me and picky about where the Kit Kat comes from because there are subtle differences, the Kit Kat Chunky currently sold here is made in the UK.

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