Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hosted on the Patio @ Alexandra Road

It has to be one of the funniest farewell lunch ever for a colleague!

1. It was 4 weeks late.
2. We already had a farewell for him.
3. The 'treater' was too busy few weeks ago and was giving a belated treat but did not want to have a 2 person lunch with the 'treatee'. So the treater asked a few of us were asked to join in as well.
4. The day before, everything had been arranged and we were to meet the 'treatee' at the lunch venue.
5. We waited, text, called the ex-colleague mobile when he did not appear half an hour after the agreed time.
6. We decided to order anyway because we were too hungry!
7. When our food arrived, a phone call also arrived, our ex-colleague was sick and he just woke up!
8. So we had a farewell treat for this ex-colleague without him being present!

Anyway, the farewell lunch was at Hosted on the Patio.
A quiet place hidden amongst the business of Alexandra Road / Telok Belangah.

It's located at the former ITE just across the new and upcoming Alexandra Retail Centre / PSA Buildling.

They have great set lunches at around $20 plus, but most of us did not really want to have such a big meal. So only 1 person which also happened to be the 'treater' ordered the  meal and the rest of us had the a-la-carte items.

This was the smoked Salmon Salad that came with the set meal.
It's part of the set, so it's smaller, but  we shared it as well. It was a very light and fresh salad. Mango julienne with smoked salmon and rockets does taste quite good!

This was the Warm Mushroom Salad that we shared. We all loved this salad. Assorted mushrooms that has been stir fried with some cherry tomatoes and topped on fresh salad. Very appetizing. That little bits of crunch on top gave it a nice touch too!

One colleague had Teriyaki Chicken Burger.
It smelled very good.  Look at this rustic burger. A decent size piece of chicken, with a ring of pineapple too!

If you have read this blog long enough, you would know we have a colleague who likes tofu!
She saw this Tofu and Portobello sandwich and ordered it.

My colleague told me that the tofu has been mixed with spinach. The patty was fried so it's soft and get a little springy. She loved the portobello mushroom the best. She said it was so tasty. The mushroom has been so well prepared, when you bite it, it comes off easily and not tough. It was also full of flavor she said. Makes me want to try it too!

I am the 'ribs person', so I ordered the Honey Bourbon Ribs. OK, some of you might say it's because of the word bourbon that you ordered it ya? Partly true.

When it arrived, we all got a shock! It was one big rib!

I feel like Fred Flinstone! It's as if I am a carnivore! Eating meat like that!
Well, I like the marinade. The parts that had the marinade that has been thickened into some paste was lovely. (OK, you can say it's reduced bourbon essence? haha)

One part of it the other side was soft, but this side, you can see it's a bit dry though.
Or maybe it's the cow! Big cows that have big ribs have tougher meat?

Another colleague had the pork cutlet burger.
It was served in a baguette!

The "treater" had the set meal. She had the chicken option.
I think it's OK lah. :-)

Oh oh... The burgers and the rib all came with a basket of fries.

We all liked the fries! It's very addictive! No, I am not sure if it's double fried but we just could not stop eating though we were all full. We finished 3 and a half baskets of it!

The dessert that came with the set meal.
The 'treator' said when she came previously they had chocolate fondant. But the menu has changed so we did not get chocolate cake with molten chocolate flow out this time.

The profiteroles was ok. We were by now too full to enjoy desserts. So don't order too much when you are here!

It's so funny that we had a free treat from this 'Prof' and the farewell person was not there. We are still laughing over it! Oh, their website has the price of the food, if you are interested to know how much it costs.

Hosted on the Patio
991B Alexandra Road
Singapore 119970

Tel: 6276-7337

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Anonymous said...

Is the fries free flow?

Unknown said...


I don't think so. There was too much for us, so we did not ask.

Kenny Mah said...

"So we had a farewell treat for this ex-colleague without him being present!"


Champion lah you, brader! And double-fried fries? You mean they really fry it twice?

Unknown said...

We are still laughing over it!

We also celebrate birthdays without the person boy/girl being present. We just want an excuse to eat! LOL

Unknown said...

Oh ya, about double fried fries. Watch Masterchef, see how they make the best fries!

First fry at low heat, then second fry at high heat to make it crispy! Crispy inside and moist inside!

cleo said...

That salmon salad is simply perfect.And the desserts there are awesome.I recommend them strongly.


Camemberu said...

Haha! It's like having birthday party without birthday person!

The rib looks mammoth! And the fries - Bourdain always twice-fries his too! Super crisp!

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