Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Cockles.. Mai Harm, Mai Harm, Mee Siam Mai Harm...

Quiz time again. Guess where dinner is at? It was eaten Monday nite with a group of friends.

Looking at the cockles pictures, or in Hokkien called "Harm", reminds me of a funny podcast. Mai Harm, Mai Harm. Can't wait for the pictures of the food? Cross over to this podcast and laugh.

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Passionate Eater said...

Whoops, I thought I left a comment on this.

I have been looking at your food pictures for at least half an hour now! I want to visit Singapore because of this blog!! Plus, if I visited Singapore, I could guess this restaurant. :)

Rasa Malaysia said...

Oh my harm! I can't find them here that's why I can't make any Char Kway Teow or Curry Laksa (or Curry Mee in Penang Hokkien)...sigh sigh.

tigerfish said...

Alamak, I think most places that serve steamboat have the same kind of food right? Buahahaha....just because I don't know, I find an excuse :O
But tell you, I really really really like the podcast a lot, I laughed and laughed till I peng when I first heard this...hahahahha
(mee siam mai harm..mai harm,mai harm,mai harm...)

mama bok said...

Wow..! how to guess..!! everywhere got steamboat in singapore..! got more clue or not..??

Keropok Man said...

passionate eater,

come visit Singapore and eat! but sometimes looking at pictures is healthier, no calories added. LOL

rasa malaysia,

harm's nice ya? we ordered quite a few plates, it turned out that the 5 of us all like harm a lot! we had oysters and ham together!


you laugh at your prime minister, bok kia si ah? LOL...
when it was out last national day, all of us in the office listen to it over and over again and laugh until peng!

mama bok,

clue ah, its famous for its chilli dip! where else famous for its steamboat chilli dip in a nice little bowl. big big clue liao!

btw, how to read your post ah? all password protected one...

eastcoastlife said...

wah... big, fat harms... I used to eat them but now dare not, kiasi lor!

I have not seen harms at steamboat restaurants leh. Where is this place?

The Golden Mile one izzit?

mama bok said...

Where's the chilli dip..?? hahahha!! i send you password ok.. ;)

mama bok said...

Ok.. where's your email addy now..??

Ming_the_Merciless said...

The Shanghainese restaurant in Chinatown has this hot pot dish.

I have tried them many times and I have to admit, it is not my favorite Chinese food.

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