Saturday, April 07, 2007

Malan Noodle @ Expo (Part 2)

We were here after a Good Friday service at Expo.

This is called Shanghai Soup Dumpling. $4.20

What's this yellow thingy? It's actually called: Pumpkin Prawn Ball. $4.20
The yellow colour is from the pumpkin.

Everyone that's here ordered this. It looks good, so we ordered it too!
It's called SQ Prawn Fried Rice. It's quite tasty, and it arrives very fast! $6.50

Aha.. you must be asking, where's the noodles? Coming right up!

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Rasa Malaysia said...

I don't like the pumpkin yellow thingy...I had them in Shanghai but they are too sticky and sweet for my taste.

tigerfish said...

You go everywhere also must order xiaolongbao wan hor?
Why "SQ: fried rice leh? Coz near airport? Buahahah

eastcoastlife said...

I love xiaolongbao too! It's a must-order item.

The pumpkin one doesn't look appetising leh!

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