Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lao Pa Sat : Satay ( Stall 7 - Best Satay)

Just came back from Lao Pa Sat after having supper there with some friends.

There are so maany satay stalls there, and we sat at the one call "Best Satay". There are others like Power Satay etc...

Here's a picture of it.. Yum.... Sorry lah, only got street lamps, so photos are a bit dark. We ordered 60 sticks of satay.

And the sauce came in like 10 little containers..

I am now so satisfied :-)
Anyone wanna guess, what else we ate?

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eastcoastlife said...

hehehe... I know
because I dig it from him when on IM. hahaha... but let others guess lah!

Rasa Malaysia said...

OMG, glossy mighty satay looks sooooo droolicious. The peanut sauce looks like a tad too much turmeric (too yellow) in color, but who cares when you can just eat the satay without the sauce.

Anonymous said...

I satay sure must accompany with ketupat wan... :)

You come to KL. I take you to eat the famous Kajang Satay!

GT said...

Satays look sooo good. 60! Wow.

Anonymous said...

Stall number 7 (actually 8 and 13 are owned by them as well) is named "Best Satay" and not for nothing. I concur that they really do have the best satay! I used to frequent these 3 stalls a lot and know the lady boss (her name is Ainoh I think). One of my blog articles reviewing their satay is displayed at their stall haha!

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