Saturday, April 28, 2007

No Signboard Seafood - Part 2

Other than the crab dishes yesterday, we also had other things. There was like 12 of us eating.

This is the cold dish. Look at the nicely carved carrorts. People say that they will be recycled is it true?

The different combi of the cold dish.

For those with not so good eyesight, zoom in for you. haha..

Do you all like Jelly Fish?

This is toufu stuffed pockets. Rather tasty and interesting.

Prawns, the prawn is looking at you!

This is rather unusual. This is mango chicken. Deep fried chicken plus mango on the side.


Sambal Asparagus. yum yum...

This is "kiam hee" salted fish fried rice.


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pink hippo said...

Goodness you ordered so much food, are you sure you can finish?

Cold dish is always my favourite. :)

You made me so hungry now.

tigerfish said...

I like all the food. But the cold dish they serve is not the traditional kind. I prefer the classic cold dish :D
And jelly fish, I like the traditional one too..this one like a lot of red onions/shallots hor?

eastcoastlife said...

The dishes are different from other seafood restaurants hor. Expensive or not?

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