Friday, April 27, 2007

No Signboard Seafood - Part 1 - Pepper and Chilli Crabs

Looks like no one got it right for yesterday's quiz!

It's called "No Signboard Restaurant" - wu jiao pai.
Maybe that's why you all can't guess, told you the signboards were a decoy. :-p

There's too many photos for one day, so I will split it into two.
Today shall be the Chilli and Pepper Crabs.

While you wait for the food to come up, you eat peanuts! haha..

Here's the chilli crabs.

This is the pepper crabs.

For chilli crabs, you eat them with buns. There are two kinds of buns. The plain steaamed ones or the steamed and then deep fried kinds.

We ate other things, come back tomorrow to view the rest of the pictures.

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eastcoastlife said...

Wah! Post before go to work.

I prefer the deep fried steamed buns! I have not been to No Signboard Seafood. Heard it is good. Shall try it one day.

tigerfish said...

Come all the way to East Coast, how come eat No Signboard? You should try International Seafood Market mah! Only one in S'pore. Hee hee...

Momo said...

Alamak, eat No signboard?? But food there also good lah :P
Ya ya, i agree with tigerfish ;)only one in Spore. The other one in BKK.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

I'm looking at these photos and my first thought was, I will probably not enjoy it because (1) I don't like to work for my food; getting the meat from the crab is WORK; (2) it's an outdoor restaurant so I'll be sweating and miserable in the tropical heat.

I know, I know! I'm spoilt! I love to eat but if I had to choose between easy mediocre food vs. difficult yummy food, I will pick the easy mediocre food.

pink hippo said...

Too bad I did not get it right.

Blame it on the dark sign board, can tell it is NO SIGN BOARD RESTURANT".

Heard that the food there is nice but the price is a bit steep.

Chilli crabs looks good. :)

Keropok Man said...

ECL, ya, try it.
I like both kinds. These buns are a little smaller, so can eat both!

Next time try the one you recommend :-)
I don't decide where to eat, I just follow... hehe..

Oo... you travel everywhere ah, BKK got also you know..

You sound like a lazy bum like me!
It's outdoor, but it's in the evening, and at the seaside, it's not warm at all! At times, it's nice to enjoy diffuculy yummy food.

Pink Hippo,
Not sure about the price, did not pay for it :-p You like chilli crabs? you should convince ming to get messy!

Melting Wok said...

*kok*kok*kok* chili crabs :PP deep fried silver rolls with some saucy crabs..drooling immensely :P

chillycraps said...

I see chilli crabs.....

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