Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ming Jia Korean Food @ Bukit Timah Plaza

Colleague wanted to go try the same Korean food after reading what I posted.

2 colleagues order the bibimbap to try. 2 ordered the Korean instant noodles. They said although it is instant noodles, it was done so nicely. I laughed. Instant noodles, cooked by someone else still taste better. Maybe I should cook for them and they pay me instead. LOL

Anyway, this is the 'shared' food. The rice cakes. Mixed reviews. Some liked it, some did not.

Well for me, I wanted to try the Kimchi soup. I think it was $5.50
Another colleague also wanted to try it too. Well, I like it. Like it a lot (because I like kimchi haha). It's very very appetizing, in fact the more you taste it, the more hungry we became. It is kimchi with some tofu, with two pieces of almost invisible piece of pork.

It came with white rice.

We could choose one of the veggies that they have. I took the seaweed.

Dpuk took the bean sprouts.

Will try the other stall the next time we visit Bukit Timah Plaza.
(The Korean show on Channel U, Couple or Trouble ends Monday nite)

Ming Jia Korean Food
Bukit Timah Plaza
1 Jalan Anak Bukit
Singapore 588996

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Sim Beatrice said...

Do try the Korean food stall at the food court at Meridian.

It's AWESOME and priced really reasonably. :D

Unknown said...

Oh ok.
Seldom or almost never step into the Le Meriden food court! hehe.

Must be lots of treasures there!

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