Friday, August 29, 2008

Dian Xiao Er @ VivoCity

On Thursday, a colleague said he wanted to go to VivoCity to buy mooncakes. He also wants have lunch at Dian Xiao Er.

OK. Mooncakes, not interested, Dian Xiao Er can consider. He managed to convinced all of us, and off we went.

When we were going in, we saw two banners outside, Citibank discounts and UOB discounts. UOB's looks better with a free dish too.

So when we were seated, some were looking at the set menu, but we were told, the free marmite chicken (the free dish) does not apply if you order the sets. Immediately we closed the set dishes menu. (how realistic are we??)

We went for the a-la-carte. Which turns out to be a wise choice.

We had 3 types of ducks to choose. (Ginseng, Angelica Herbs (tang gui) and 10 herbs combi).We had the 10 herbs version and we had the medium. I like it because it is a bit sweetish. Other colleagues said it was too sweet. Aiya, see everyone has different taste buds.

All the small talks we have during lunch. One of it is about the origin of the duck. Is this fresh duck from Malaysia or frozen duck from Taiwan. Oh. we did not bother to find out. LOL...

The poach spinach with century eggs and salted eggs. Quite yummy. Ordered medium size too.

Their house special tofu. We had small for this.

Ah. This is the free marmite chicken. hehe...

Mongolian spare ribs. Medium. We called it Sarawak Pepper Spare ribs instead. It's for those who like peppery stuff.

Dian Xiao Er @ VivoCity
1 HarbourFront Centre Walk,
Singapore 098585

Just realised they have a website too at

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Kenny Mah said...

Oooh, I love peppery food... be it Mongolian or Sarawakian... call it what you want, ada lada hitam? I'm so there, man... ;)

Joanna TY said...

heys. the duck looks delicious!!! i feel like eating duck now. hahas. the way you take photos makes my drool. =D

Ms One Boobie said...

I heard alot about dian xiao er too.. :)

Unknown said...

I would like the duck and the tofu. Looked yummy.

Unknown said...

Can I call it Keropokian? LOL...

Don't drool too much!

Don't just hear, try it. hehe...

Pop by Singapore for a food visit eh? :-)

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