Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mr Sushi Grill Shop @ Takashimaya Basement 2

The dinner that Momo and I had last night was at Takashimaya Basement 2. We were wondering around and saw this little stall/kiosk near Aji Tei that seems to be popular. It has name that will 101% tell you it's Japanese food. Mr Sushi!

You sit at the counter bar that surrounds the kiosk. Food's ordered over the counter and served rather quickly. You might like this place if you like fish. Almost everything on the menu has fish. It looks reasonably priced too. It looks like they only serve set meals, with around 8-10 sets to choose from.

What did we have? Momo had the Unagi Set. $8. Looks decent. It comes with a bowl of miso soup too.

While we were waiting, we noticed this pot of stew in front of us. In fact everyone's sitting at the counter's staring at it. The soup's telling us, try us, try us, and we did!

We ordered the "Oden". $4. The lady was saying, it's Japanese Yong Tau Hoo. Two slices of daikon, seaweed, an egg, 2 different kinds of fish cake, and one big piece of konnyaku below. Also a teaspoon of mustard (karashi) as well. It's light and it's a nice appetiser.

The person beside us saw what we had, ordered it. Before long, everyone on the counter bar ordered one too! LOL...

I had the Mirin Saba set. $10. My set came with this delicious eggplant. I love this.
(I usually order many helpings of these if I am at a Jap buffet :-) )

The mirin saba. It taste quite good. I love fish, so maybe I am biased. The bottom part of it is reddish. Maybe from the mirin marinate?

The usual pickle and salad that goes with it.

A big bowl of rice.

And a bowl of soup that's similar to Momo's set.

Looks plain, it is quite flavoursome. It has lots of salmon pieces in it. Think they used the extra salmon from the sushi to make this soup.

Just a new discovery Momo and I had and it's quite reasonably priced and fast.

Mr Sushi Grill Shop
Takashimaya Shopping Centre,
Basement 2 Food Court.
391 Orchard Road
Singapore 238873

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Anonymous said...

hey! my friend showed me your blog and i love it! I'm currently studying abroad in Singapore at NTU for one semester & I'm definitely going to be visiting a lot of the restaurants on your blog. thanks.

Camemberu said...

hey looks like pretty good value! must check it out next time i'm there...i never know what to eat at Taka - either too crowded or too expensive!

Hong 阿豐 said...

The Mirin Saba looks very delicious ^^

PinkHippo said...

The food court at Takashimaya B2 is always very crowded and messy.

Didnt know that you can good food there!

The ugani set looks good to me!

Sadao said...

Incredibly up close pictures of really yummy looking stuff.
It's so close I can almost taste it.

SIG said...

I love the unagi, oden and eggplant. Thanks for sharing.

Ms One Boobie said...

Unagi had always been expensive.. but even the ang moh loves it.. so it is worth paying. Just hate it.. when they come with 1 or 2 sudden bones eh.

Unknown said...

oh, hope you are enjoying your one semester here as an exchange student. hurry and roam around Singapore in search of food. One semester passes very very quickly! :-)

Ya, always wonder what to eat in Taka. Our legs just happen to bring us there, led by our noses? LOL


The food court's like a war zone, always people ready to 'chope' the seats whenever someone even fidget! LOL

you're most welcome.

some brands of prepacked unagi is nice and cheap. we used to store them in our freezer. buy them during specials :-)

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