Thursday, August 28, 2008

e.BlackBoard II @ Clementi Ave 3

Continuation from yesterday's post. Other than the burger I ate, the others who ate the Lor Mee shared a bowl of tuscan fries.

Almondjelly's husband had the Grilled Chicken Chop $6.50

'Old Cat' decided he should have sausages. Think he has sausage cravings because he has been eating sausages! He had the e.BB Mixed Sausages $8.00 (chicken cheese and pork sausages)

Picky fella, he liked the cheese one but not the pork. The prices above are before the discount. Not sure when the discounts will be over though.

e.BlackBoard II
San Po Food Court
Blk 431 Clementi Ave 3
Singapore 120431

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elvintay said...

Hi Keropok Man,
like your blog so much..and the food was nice too.
can i know normally what camera you used to capture the food?
it look so yummy..

Anonymous said...

wow, that looks like good food man. Fries look terribly yummy.

Kenny Mah said...

Good question by elvintay: What camera do you use? Me thinking of getting an entry-level DSLR, what do u think?

backStreetGluttons said...

a dark rough sausage a day is good.

keeps her happy and gives her the right curves

Unknown said...

elvintay, LFB,
I take photos daily, so I need a tiny one that fits in my pocket. LOL..

I am using a Sony T200.

Me thinking too, but how to fit in my pocket for my instant snap of food. I dont carry a handbag or manbag or camera bag with me. LOL... You should get it. Most food bloggers use DSLR except me. :-p

It was quite yummy. We finished even the tiny bits. We are kind of like gluttons.

LOL! Me thinking of sausages now....

tigerfish said...

Me thinking...e-Blackboard is something you draw on it and it becomes real? SO if I draw tuscan fries, I get real fries out from there! Woo wooo......

Ms One Boobie said...

Not as expensive as i expected.

Unknown said...

if got such blackboard i also want! then i need to learn to draw lots of things! LOL...

coffeeshop location and coffeeshop prices ;-)

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