Sunday, August 03, 2008

Forture Seafood Steamboat @ Bukit Timah Road

A colleague IM us about another reason to go have a nice lunch. An 'edict' from the big boss requires that one of our colleagues shift his office nearer to the big boss'. This move to around 35 - 40 mins walk away calls for a 'farewell lunch'. Mad right? But we all said, yes, we need a farewell lunch.

We had initially wanted to go Smok' Inn Frogz Kitchen, but oh silly billy us, we did not check the opening hours. It opens from 4 pm on weekdays!

So we decided to just walk around, and found this shop at the other corner of the same block. We were like, hey, another place with a weird spelling. Is it suppose to be Fortune or Forture?

We don't have very long lunch hour, so we decided to just try it anyway. We discovered it had ratings from Makansutra when we went in. That comforted us a bit.

Like the usual makan places, they earn a bit by serving us this little appetizers. Achar, and it's quite spicy, but yummy.

Hmm. Usually it is one type of appetizer, achar or peanuts. It seems we got both. The hungry bunch of us finished all at lighting speed.

We did not really know what to order, so we asked the boss to 'kai siao' (recommend to us their specialty). We had a simple veg.

We also had their BBQ Sauce spare ribs. 6 of us find this ok, but 1 colleague just did not like it.

This is the makansutra chopstick rated dish. The Herbal Chicken. OK lah. 6 of us some say its nice, some say so so.

We also had a tofu. The sauce is spicy and most of us liked it.

The main dish or the star of the day is the Curry Fish Head. It was quite delicious. Asam style. The sauce was very addictive.

I told a friend about this place and he said arghh, he had a horrible experience at this place, both with the food and service. Maybe we went during lunch time, so the kitchen is not rushing and the servers were more responsive. :-)

Forture Seafood Steamboat
887 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 279896

Business Hours: 11 am to 2.30 pm, 5 pm to 11.30 pm daily.
Tel: 6469 5957 / 6463 0479

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Anonymous said...

FORTURE = if you're FORTUnate, you won't get tORTUREd by the food here?


Unknown said...

haha.. Kenny, only a writer like you can think of such things :-)

Anonymous said...

never trust seetoh...all his "die-die must try" rating should be "die-die better don't try"! he should juz stick to photography.

Unknown said...

yup, u are quite right. :-)

tigerfish said...

FORtune for the fuTURE? how abt now? LOL! I think you wld rather eat this than what I will cook coz my kitchen is practically empty now!

southernoise said...

heh heh... the ribs I had were 100X more pathetic looking than this... and with a silly scoop of Del Monte style "cocktail" can fruits.


Tom Aarons said...

What a fantastic (and delicious looking!) set of photos. Yum.

Ms One Boobie said...

I missed this kinda tofu..!

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