Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Love Confectionery @ Bukit Merah

Today after lunch with colleagues at Bukit Merah, we walked past this shop that had so many people! We wondered what is so special and when one colleague saw some pandan cakes she likes and people are all queing up for them, she quickly joined the queue. :-)

What a lovely name isn't it? There are more people inside the shop!

What we saw on display is only 2 kinds of cakes. Cupcakes and pandan cakes slices. Everything else has been wiped out. Oh, there was also a few loaves of cakes on another table.

The place must be around for a long time. Everything has stayed as it is I think. The postcode on the box still has the 4 digit postcodes that has been phased out long ago.

This is colleague's breakfast for tomorrow. We shall find out from her if it's good tomorrow.
It did smell very good to us! 70 cents each.

Anyone there knows more about this shop?
Maybe we should go back again and try the other cakes. Everything seems to be sold out this time.

Blk 122 Bukit Merah Lane 1
Singapore 150122

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dilutedmagnetics said...

They sell KICK ASS moon cakes!!! Must queue one!

Big Boys Oven said...

looks very affordable and cheap! just lovely!

Longan said...

Oh! You've gotta try their sponge cake! It's fluffy, soft, fagrant and delicious! :p~

melanie said...

Oh les gourmandes ! Il y en a qui ont la chance de pouvoir manger de tout sans grossir ! Les plats qui sont présentés sont bien appétissants !

Unknown said...

Oh.. is it? Next time if queue must buy the chiffon cake and moon cake. hehe...

I am sure you bake very good ones too!

Yeah, my colleague who queued up to buy said it was good. I shall try next time!

Oui! They sure are appétissants!

Unknown said...

Their pandan cakes are very light and fluffy... good for people who don't like eating cakes that are too dense and filling... Anyway, these cakes are meant to be had for desserts after a meal...

Their chiffon cakes topped with chocolate rice or coconut or peanut are very good too...

Unknown said...

yeah, i tried them recently too. :-)

Eva Tang 邓宝翠 said...

I would like to contact people who can share their stories about Love Confectionery to be interviewed for a program. Please get in touch. Thank you!

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