Wednesday, August 13, 2008

BBQ @ Quong's Residence

Today we had a BBQ. Our Care Group from church, we feed on physical food that's a bit different once a month. This month we decided to have a BBQ, (and yes) in the middle of the week. We had it at AQ's apartment that had BBQ pits.

Here's the cooking process. 6 slabs of lamb, pre-marinated from Cold Storage. Just add charcoal. hehe... The marinate herby, so there's not much lamb smell. Nice. AQ is an expert in setting up the perfect fire for BBQ.

A large pack of salad, from Fairprice. We all had to rush from work, and had to time to really prepare, so it's ready made salad. The 'dressing' is really simple. Cut up one big orange and squeeze the juice over it.

These are Gardenia's sour dough rolls. Here they are, packed in foil, ready to be heated up on the BBQ pit after the rest of the meat, fish etc comes off the pit. These rolls are kinda nice. First time I tried it.

The finish product. Sis, Doc and AQ prepared them.

These were done by sis and our newcomer who joined our CG a month ago.
These are from Cold Storage as well. A bit salty, but nice.

We had 2 squid / sotongs. 2 fillet fishes as well. OK, we ate the food above, and forgot to take photos of the rest. :-p

Grace brought some cakes as well. These are the same ones from "Love Confectionery" the ones that I posted a few days ago.

At the same time we celebrated someone's birthday. A birthday that was nearly 2 months overdue! This is the Fruit Gateau from Bengawan Solo.

What a wonderful time we had. It's a small little BBQ party, so it was manageable and you do not spend lots of time in preparation and cooking.

AQ was saying, for smaller parties, you can get better food. Lamb and gourmet sausages. If it's a party with 20 people, the menu changes to cheaper options like chicken wings and frankfurters. Do you agree?

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JENCOOKS said...

More like gourmet food that from supermarket, thot perhaps u got the meat from some deli.

Which church are u from?

Unknown said...


Glory Presbyterian Church :-)

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