Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thunder Tea Rice @ Amoy Street Food Centre

I saw this stall last week while I ate at Amoy Street Food Centre. Over the weekend, I saw an article appeared in the newspaper. While walking to the food centre for dinner, I headed straight to it.

Some people says it is an acquired taste, but is it really so?
Anyone who like veggies will like it. I had it from the same franchise few months ago at VivoCity branch too.

If you want to know how much and what they have, just look here.

I had the brown rice version. Since I am eating healthy, might as well eat healthier right?

The green stuff for its name sake. The "lei cha".

I am not sure if there's a proper way to eat it. I just stir everything up!

I like it. Maybe I like all the ingredients in the rice.

Thunder Tea Rice
Amoy Street Food Centre
Stall 01-29
MND Building Annexe B
7 Maxwell Road
Singapore 069111

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Kenny Mah said...

Hmm, first time I've seen lui cha with ikan bilis, does it add an interesting flavour to the dish? :)

dilutedmagnetics said...

Gee... I walked past the one at Vivocity and didn't try them. I heard this can be very heaty leh - can get nose bleed one...

Mimi Wong said...

Can't tell you how much I'm enjoying pulling your blog up every morning and feasting my eyes and salivating over your descriptions. Living here in the northern United States in Minnesota (otherwise known as the frozen tundra, where lakes freeze over solid and cars drive over the lake), ethnic food for many is about "Lutheran church basement German or Scandinavian dishes made with mayonaise, cheese and frozen potatoes. I especially enjoy your postings on the home cooked meals, hawker stands and your forays in the NUS canteens. Hoping to be able to partake in some of your recommendations when we visit Singapore in December (20+ hour flight from here). In the meantime, keep up the great work!

Unknown said...

Well, it was delicious. Hmm authentic Lui Cha has no ikan bilis is it?

Lunch is Served!,
Oh.. is it? I thought it was some kind of detox food.

Oh thanks for the compliments. Hope you will enjoy your visit to Singapore! I am sure after the 20 hour flight, you will be hungry enough to eat LOTS of things!

Penang Tua Pui said...

never try lei cha before... as seldom got to see them at Penang Island..

one of our best friend is lei cha lover.... always bugging us to get the lei cha at penang..

wonder if can get them open branch at Penang?

btw.. your blog is AMAZING....

southernoise said...

oh this is another enemy for me! hahaha...

Unknown said...

Penang TP,
You can try to email them. haha..

why enemy? eat your veg!

quirky lis said...

Hiya, your blog post is my daily reads now.

The first time I had this delicacy was when my Hakka best friend during Secondary days 'lured' me to trying their very authentic homemade lui cha.

I can only say that it's really 'different', I am not used to the way we mix 'tea alike' soup with rice. The dishes were great though!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I've always loved Thunder Tea Rice. It feels so healthy and green! Now I'm craving for it di...

Unknown said...

i dun like the translated name...sounds so funny

Unknown said...

it is not heaty and it is actually the healthy food.
This is the most famous home cooked dish at my hometown in msia.

Camemberu said...

I have to say: this is ONE dish that is still tasty despite having "no pork, no lard" (see signboard).

Southernoise: haha, suddenly so many enemies popping up?

Unknown said...


Thanks ;-)
Ooooo. I think the homemade ones would be the best. Homemade food are usually prepared with passion. Things just taste different.

Lyrical Lemongrass,
I think I am slowly getting addicted to it too.

It catches people's attention LOL.
Which town is it may I ask? :-)

yes southernoise got lots of enemies hor!

if we prepare an adulterated version by adding 'the crispees', wonder how it will taste!

sunshinecorner said...

juz wanna add, the correct way to eat lei cha is to add tat green soup into ur mixture of rice & veg, all in 1 bowl.... :)

Unknown said...

sunshinecorner, i know haha...
but i eat differently. :-p

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