Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ming Jia Korean Food @ Bukit Timah Plaza

Last nite, sis and I wanted a quick and fast dinner so we can then proceed to do some groceries. We were at Bukit Timah Plaza and wondering what to eat. There's only 13 places to eat in this place, (counted from the mall directory) and most of it is closed for dinner.

We saw a shop lot that has the sign board Ming Jia Korean Food. We walked nearer and saw that there's people eating here. We thought why not? Let's try it.

If you watch Korean dramas, this place looks like those little shops, where in the dramas people come in for a quick and cheap meal. (not restaurant looking, but more street side stall look) We saw that the lady boss is Korean too. We know she's Korean because when she speaks she sounded like how the speak in Korean dramas. (i.e. when you turn on the Dual Sound mode on TV, switch to the Korean mode and listen to the actors and actresses begin to speak English.) We were getting excited. (LOL... like mad Korean drama fans)

Sis ordered the bibimbap. $5.

It does not come in hot stone plates like in other fanciful restaurants. It comes in a steel bowl, just like how they eat at home in Korean dramas. (You know in the dramas they will always mix their rice in steel bowls and always say how delicious it is. LOL)

Looks plain right? But surprisingly it taste good. It comes with a bowl of seaweed soup too. Sis loves the soup that taste like how mum cooks it. The egg is only fried when we ordered the rice too.

I had the "Black Noodles". (That's how it is named on the board) $4.50
Looks so instant noodles right? But it is kinda addictive. The more you eat it, the more you like it. Think its the sauce. ;-)

It comes with a small saucer of Kimchi. It's definitely made there, because when we were there, the Korean lady was mixing the Kimchi in a huge container. I guess it's for either tomorrow's or day after's. The one I had was taken from the fridge. Nice and cold. Yums. This kimchi goes well with the noodles. Makes it more addictive!

Sis said, we shall come back again to try other things on the menu. The meals taste very homely and it is cheap too. Two persons meal for less than $10. Anyone been here and can recommend what is good here so we can try next time?

OK. Just found a newspaper article that has this place mentioned. Upper Bukit Timah Road is a mini Koreatown. There's 4 korean outlets in this area, plus a Korean Supermarket too.

Ming Jia Korean Food
Bukit Timah Plaza
1 Jalan Anak Bukit
Singapore 588996

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Kenny Mah said...

Yeah, does look like instant noodles in kicap lah... but I'll trust you on its addictiveness, hehe.

dilutedmagnetics said...

We tarpau from there before. H is a fan of their bibimpap. But I rather eat nasi lemak from the shop a few doors down from this shop :)

Pete said...

Wah, Korean food, my favourite. Miss the bulgogi! gotta have some this weekend.

mkia said...

Can u try out Kim's Family Rest'n (the one w/o a signboard) which seem to be in the vicinity too..? Would love to hear a review bout' that.

I figure that you live in the area since u seem to be patronising this place a lot. To think that u r living in little "Korea-town" w/o realising it!

Thing about K-Dramas, they are proud of their cuisine and highlight it a lot. A LOT. Naturally viewers will get really tempted. Myself included.

Benita said...

Jajangmyun!!!! Reminds me of Na Sangshil in Couple of Fantasy (I really, really like that show)... Too bad the run is ending soon. Heh heh.

Unknown said...

it's instant noodles with kicap. and it's addictive. somehow instant noodles taste better outside right? eg. Maggi Mee Goreng! haha..

You also like the nasi lemak there eh? :-)

Bulgogi, yummmmmm

Ya, I read about that one. One of these days :-) No, I am not really living in that area, maybe end of the year :-)

Now recee-ing the place where I can eat when I move. LOL..

The most makes you hungry korean show must be Da Chang Jin!

Yes, the way Sangshi eats the Jajangmyun makes you SO SO SO SO hungry! I watched the series on cable previously, now watching the reruns on Channel U. LOL..

Camemberu said...

Korean food not my fave but the bibimbap looks good. All very homemade eh?

I hear Singapore has had a huge influx of Korean families because of the IR construction (Ssangyong).

dilutedmagnetics said...

The nasi lemak there is really the best lah. They've got lots of newspaper clippings to show for it :)

southernoise said...

Is this the one with free flow Kimchi? I remember eating there once at a Korean eatery with a big pot of kimchi on every table.

Unknown said...

Oh. is that why there's so many Koreans here?

Yes, very home made ;-)

Ya, i saw those clippings. One of these days, go back there and eat again.

The one with the free flow kimchi is the other one. Ya ya, I wonder if they still have the pot of free flow kimchi.

Hehe.. I made my own kimchi soup and sis says too spicy! LOL..

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