Friday, November 28, 2008

Bosses @ VivoCity

It was our brother's birthday about a week ago, and we asked him what he would like to have. He said 'gangster'. Huh? What gangster?

He said he saw a restaurant called "Hei Se Hui" (Underworld triad). Aha the restaurant's actually called "Bosses".

So, Momo and I invited our bro out for his gangster dinner. Sis could not make it as she had something on.

It's actually a pretty nice restaurant with black all around.

Instead of the usual peanuts, they have this spring roll thingy with carrots and cucumber sticks. Pretty huh.

We started with a soup that was recommended to us. It was pork rib soup I think carrots and papaya? But the soup was good, we really liked it. It's not that salty too, light and yet rich in flavour.

The next dish that came out was nai bai with salted fish. Yes, with salted fish, of course the dish is salty.

We also had Crispy Aromatic Duck and a steamed spicy garoupa (which is on special, so every single table ordered one!)

I got this urge about Crispy Aromatic Duck after having it in London. So when I saw it on the menu, we ordered it. Crispy aromatic duck's a duck that is deep fried and then shredded after being served to the table for you to view it. Bro's been back from London for almost a year after spending so many years there, so he would taste it and let us know if it's good too.

When we said could we take a photo of it before being they shred it, we were told, no photography please. (ya right, you can see so many photos of food from this place on the web) We asked why, he said people would steal their ideas. We were thinking, hmm they better come out with a better excuse, anyway, we decided not to take any photos and enjoy our food ;-) Hey, remember the place's called Hei Se Hui, you better comply. LOL....

The duck's nice but it does not come with lettuce or pancake skin that you can wrap that you find in London. It was crispy and not too dry and we called sis who can't make it to come join us. haha... We told her, duck not bad, come come. She came!

So ordered their desserts which was quite nice too. The durian puffs, mango puree with sago, and tang yuan. (We are so traditional ya, ordering tang yuan because it was a birthday celebration. LOL)

1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098585

Hours: 11 am - 10 pm
Tel: 6376 9740


Another makan makan in London photo is up at
It happens to be our Crispy Aromatic Duck food photos too! Visit it here.

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Unknown said...

Greetings from Canada

What a pity that Bosses Restaurant refuse to allow you to take photographs. Don't you wish you had not ask? Well, next time just take the photos and see if they come to stop you from taking. It will be interesting to know if they will do that.

I read from a food blog sometime back that a restaurant that the blogger is dining at, approach the blogger and tell him to stop taking photos of the food. The blogger returned to the restaurant on a different occassion to take the photos he missed out previously but of course this time he takes photos of his friends and also the food, the restaurant can do nothing as they can't stop the diners from taking photos of themselves.

The food they had looks good. The nai bai with salted fish looks interesting. I guess we won't get to see the Crispy Aromatic Duck and steamed spicy garoupa but the photos from Golden Pagoda is really good - the various photos of the ingredients of Crispy Aromatic Duck gives a good picture of how the dish would go.


lzs said...

And you got away with 4 photos!

Unknown said...


It does not really bother me. :-)
Maybe I should visit the next time and take one or two more again. LOL...

Yes I did. LOL...

alicesg said...

They are being silly. Give them your blog link and they should give you a free duck You are promoting their restaurant's dishes for them. Anyway you are taking the food you pay for that is on your table, I see no reason why they stop you from taking photo of the food that is going into your stomach.

For buffet,I always ask permission to take photos on what is on the restaurant's table but what is on my table, I dont even bother to ask for their permission unless they have a sticker on their premises that ban photography in their restaurants.

Anonymous said...

Hi there :)

ive dined @ Bosses a couple of times, n i must say although ive not been stopped while snapping food pix, the waiters/waitresses do give me the hairy eyeball when they see me whipping out the cam...

is this the duck u were referring to?

doesnt look tt appetising after the helpful waiter cut it up rite? *LOL*

Unknown said...

Never mind lah. There to enjoy a meal and not to argue with them. ;-)

Buffet, I usually just eat and don't bother about photos unless I am very impressed or too full. hehe..

yes, that's the duck ;-)
but that's the way it's suppose to be, so the duck has to be shredded. LOL..

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