Monday, March 08, 2010

Ice Cream Kingdom @ Henry Park Apartments

Oh.. it's hot and it's another ice cream outing? This was an ice cream treat after dinner with some friends on Saturday night.

We had burgers for dinner at Bukit Timah Road and we drove over to Henry Park Apartments to try out ice cream at Ice Cream Kingdom that Brad recommended.

That's our friend from KL, Kenny posing with his V.

Ice Cream Kingdom @ Holland Grove Road

Nic tried to be funny. He saw the words Low Sugar, Low Fat, No Eggs and straight away put up the sign. They are taking out all his favourite ingredients? LOL..

Low Sugar, Low Fat, No Eggs.

The 6 of us had 8 different flavours of ice cream. I can't really remember the flavours.
I am just guessing out the flavours.. So the flavours  might not match the photo.

I think this is the Earl Grey. (with another flavour below)

Earl Grey

The two healthy tasting flavour. I think this is the Honey Wheat Crunch.  This is Green Tea Brown Rice and honey wheat crunch is below it.
I like this flavour, but the rest did not like it.

Honey Wheat Crunch?

The Nutella and Sticky chewy chocolate (the top scoop) flavours.
I think it's not too bad. Momo said it's not nutella enough. She eats Nutella directly from the jar I think! But we wont mind if there's more nutella inside ;-)


The raspberry...
Something sourish for those who don't like sweet things. 


The 6 of us all had our own opinion of the ice cream.

Some flavours hit the right notes for some of us, some flavours were probably A Flat Major. Raspberry was most probably played in C Sharp Minor. hehe... (by the way, any reader here has perfect pitch? hehe... I know my sis is! Play any note on any instruments and she can identify it!)

Taste is something very personal. So you just got to ask for a taste test before you order. There are new flavours coming out here all the time. When we were here, Stella (the owner) just came out with a new flavour! We tried it and it was not bad!

Talking about taste. Australian researchers have now discovered the 6th taste! They call it FAT. So now there's sweet, sour, salty, bitter, umami and FAT. Read about it here (Sydney Morning Herald).

Ice Cream Kingdom
40 Holland Grove Road
(Henry Park Apartments)
Singapore 278811

Tel: 9699 9916

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CUMI & CIKI said...

lovely ice cream.. lovelier company! ur so lucky la:P

ice said...

I so want to try! Urgh too much ice creams to eat...

MAJL said...

Looks delightful!!! Will have to check it out next time we are in Singapore.

Keropok Man said...

Yeah. The company was great!
We were discussing about flavours like Laksa, Roast Pork etc.

We are impossible!

There's also room for more dessert right? :-)

Yeah. The low fat, low sugar, the way you like it!

Miso said...

Ahhh... Craving for ice-cream now after looking at your blog! Weather now is so hot and unbearable! :( Wondering how ice-cream can be low sugar?

Keropok Man said...

So glad it finally rained heavily today!

Low sugar probably they use honey or something similar?

Life for Beginners said...

The Earl Grey is my favourite. :D

P.S. Devil was sharing me the same article with me too - 6th flavour is FAT? Then call me "The Sixth Flavour Mah". LOL

Keropok Man said...

The Sixth Flavour Mah!

Jyoan said...

On gelato, should try the Mango one from Chocolate D'Lte (at the back alley outside Marche from 313), Mandarin Gallery also has... The mango is by far my best Mango flavoured gelato.

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