Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tonkichi @ Orchard Central

This was dinner at Tonkichi Orchard Central. It was suppose to be a quick and light bite to save space in our stomach for chocolates at Jewels. But we were tempted and ate more than we should.

I had the Cold Ramen $12.90. I seem to be ordering Cold Ramen from most Japanese restaurants! Photographs in the menu of julienne vegetables attracts me! I had to order them!

It was quite nice. It was also cold enough. The (only) slice of pork had a delightful butter fragrance!

Cold Ramen

The cold ramen should be able to fill my stomach but I got tempted by the Japanese stewed pork. I also ordered the Buta Kakuni. $8.50.

The meat was really soft, the 'melt in your mouth' kind. It will be your kind of food if you like salty stewed food. I ate the 'soft melt in your mouth' fats from only one piece of the pork.  I scrapped off the fats from the other pieces. (I know some of you are accusing me of wasting good food, but I need to control my fat intake.)

Buta Kanuni

Momo also chose the 'healthier choice' for her dinner. 

I wonder if  we are being subliminally brain washed by Health Promotion Board's message to choose the 'healthier choice'? Have they been advertising too much?

She had the Ton Shabu Set $21.50.
Thinly sliced pork slices on a bed of crunchy pickled cucumbers. The pork was to be dipped into the tonkatsu sauce. It's the sauce that made the whole dish yummy!

Ton Shabu Set

The set came with this bowl of delightful sticky Japanese rice.

Nice rice!

Just like Sushi Tei, the Japanese tea served here is FOC.

They do serve the latest Pokka drinks though.  That's because Tonkichi is owned by Pokka.

Have you tried their latest sparkling fruit drinks? Their apple sparking drink came out some time ago, and I liked it. They have recently introduced 3 new flavours. There is the Lemon, Grape and another flavour which I can't recall.  The Lemon is sour, which is quite like. But their Grape taste really horrible to me.

Tonkichi Orchard Central
181 Orchard road
Orchard Central
Singapore 238896

Tel: 6238 7976

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Life for Beginners said...

Well, you are having Japanese - isn't that by default, a healthier choice already? :)

Camemberu said...

Oh my the buta kakuni!!! I normally don't like to step into Tonkichi, but when I passed this branch the other day, it smelt like Japan! So oishii!!! Now that I know they have stewed prok, I have more reason to go...

fatboybakes said...

everything looks soooo healthy! is this the healthiest of the healthy?

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