Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Kim Choo Kueh Chang

Our aunt came over and brought us a box of Chang last night. She said it's very nice, it's from Kim Choo Kueh Chang, the peranakan bak chang.

Kim Choo Kueh Chang

When we opened the box, we saw 6 tiny cute changs inside.
It's the mini changs that sells for 80 cents each.

6 mini changs in a box

We were tempted! We seldom eat supper, but we decided to heat them up!
3 littles ones to try. The strings are so colourful!

Ready to be heated up! What colourful strings!

It sure smell very good after we heated it up.
Here's the bak chang stripped naked. :-)

Heated Up Chang

This is the Nonya Bak Chang.
One bite and it reminded us of our mummy's bak chang! Our mum makes delicious nyonya changs!

Mini Nonya Pork Chang

This is the salty chang.

Mini Salty Chang

And the Chilli Prawn (hae bee hiam) chang.

Mini Chilli Prawn Chang

They sure tasted very very good! I like the nonya one best.
These are the mini ones, which means less calories if you don't eat too many of it!

Visit Kimchoo.com for locations. I just realise they have a branch at Terminal 3.
Imagine eating this in the airplane! (And asking the air stewardess to heat them up!)

My youngest sis always buys nyonya kuehs and eat them on her flight back to UK! She gets them from Bengawan Solo and she said she enjoy slowly peeling layer after layer of her 'gao teng kueh' while others in the plane look on and admire!

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Anonymous said...

hahaha i can imagine others cursing their drab airplane meals while ur sis nom on the kuehs...will 'show off' wen i fly nxt time xD

Keropok Man said...

Anon, you can try!
I am sure you will be very pleased with yourself!

Anonymous said...

Ahh They Tie Kuehs with Plastic and Steam it and You guys still say its best, if the cooks don't have simple cookings morals thats he can put any nonsense in as ingredients ...

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