Monday, November 15, 2010

Astons Prime @ The Centrepoint Orchard

We celebrated our sis's birthday at Astons Prime recently. Our Uncle and Aunt wanted to treat sis to a dinner and reserved a place at Astons Prime two weeks ago.

We have not visited Astons since it moved from Joo Chiat to The Centrepoint Orchard. We were so glad they moved. It's now more convenient for most people to get there.

*** Fried Oysters ***

Fried Oysters

For starters we had the Fried Oysters. ($12.90).

If you like oysters cooked and you like crispy batter, this is the combi that you would like! Don't think about the calories and you will enjoy it! Those who like oyster raw should order the Oyster on the Rock. :-)

*** Mushroom Soup ***

Soup of the Day: Mushroom Soup

The mushroom soup was part of the set meal if you order the US Kurobuta Pork Chop.

*** US Kurobuta Pork Chop ***

US Kurobuta Pork Chop

Our uncle had the Kurobuta pork chops with mushrooms and brussels sprouts as sides. ($29.90) He is one of the odd ones around that likes brussels sprouts! The pork was 100% done with very nice grill marks. I had a small piece of it and it tasted good. Not dry and still quite juicy inside. It goes really well with the sauce too.

*** Angus Rib X'tra Cut ***

Angus Rib X'tra Cut

Our cousin had the Angus beef ($23.90) and it was huge! We told her later that she should have just ordered the normal size. She was eating and eating and it does not seem to finish.

Almost half way through, I took a photo of how it looks inside. This was prepared medium done. The sides she ordered were fries and broccoli.

The meat from this cut was far superior compared to what I had.;-)

Angus Rib X'tra Cut

*** Steak and Chicken Combo ***

Steak & Chicken Combo

I had the steak and chicken combo ($23.90) because I wanted to try everything! *greedy fellow*
My beef was prepared 75% done. It was the way I like it. But after tasting our cousin's meat, I think her's was nicer!

The chicken had a nice crispy skin. The mushroom sauce was delicious with both meats.
The mushroom side was also very nice! It was soft and so flavourful.

Steak & Chicken Combo

*** Beer Battered Fish ***

Beer Battered Fish

Aunt had the beef battered fish ($14.90). It was two big pieces of fish that had really crispy batter.

*** Panfried Halibut ***

Panfried Halibut

Sis wanted fish and also fish prepared in a healthier way so she ordered the panfried halibut ($19.90). She found halibut a bit too fishy and aunt offered to swap her fish with this fish. (So it's back to fried fish for her. haha) I tried it, and thought it was not that fishy. Probably because I love and eat all kinds of fish :-)

So if you are not a fishy person, order the meats here. I think the meats here are nicer than the seafood. :-)
It's a nice place to have dinner. The place is quite packed even on a weekday night.

Astons Prime
176 Orchard Road
The CentrePoint #03-45/46/47
Singapore 427678
Tel: 6235 0556

Hours: 11.30am – 10pm

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CUMI & CIKI said...

this place looks like they have the batter down to a fine art! no wonder so nice la!

Keropok Man said...

didja try it when you came to Spore the last time?


Life for Beginners said...

Oooh. I like the look of them mushrooms! Yums! :D

Keropok Man said...


Dont get mushy! LOL

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