Friday, November 19, 2010

600 calories or less meal: Cafe Pralet

This was an invited food tasting session courtesy of the Singapore Health Promotion Board. 

Here's Destination No. 3:
Cafe Pralet at Eng Hoon Mansions

Cafe Pralet at Eng Hoon Mansions

Our third destination was to Cafe Pralet by Creative Culinaire at Tiong Bahru.
The cafe's opened by Chef Judy Koh who also has a baking school next to it.

Chef Judy Koh's personal assistant welcomed and was our hostess for the leg of the makan tour. I remembered her proudly telling us, whatever they teach to their students next door, they sell it here at the cafe. It's a testimony to the students that whatever they learn, the recipes are all products that can be sold and it's popular by the cafe's customers.

Oh, for those who follow this blog, do you remember I decorated a cake here before?

Lower Calorie Meals

We were there to try the Lower Calorie Meals served. We are not suppose to be tempted by the other gorgeous cake and desserts they sell!

No GST and service charge here folks!

Fresh Veggies and Sauteed Mushrooms with Crisp Wholemeal Panini, Wholemeal Olive Oil Orange Cake

We had the Fresh Vegetables Sauteed Mushroom with Crisp Wholemeal Panini.
This was a meatless dish, so it's suitable for vegetarians.

The wholemeal panini was really crispy, I was hallucinating that I am eating keropok! You know the crunchy noise you hear when you eat keropok? If it is really keropok, it would be probably the healthiest and nutritious wholemeal keropok ever! The vegetables between the panini had a nice crunchy texture too. It's a nice mix of veggies and sauteed mushrooms.

Fresh Veggies and Sauteed Mushrooms with Crisp Wholemeal Panini, Wholemeal Olive Oil Orange Cake

What was particularly nice (and I want to eat some now as I type) was the wholemeal olive oil cake!
Made from organic wholemeal flour, fresh unsweetened orange juice and olive oil, it was really light and fluffy. It's like chiffon cake and cotton candy combined.

Chef Judy said they don't add any preservative or additives to their food. They are a baking school, so they use the various baking techniques to make it possible.

Really a 'heart' warming meal.

For our sampling size, we got the mini panini and mini wholemeal orange olive oil cake. How 'romantic' to be served a heart shaped panini!

With the nutritionists beside us, we only touched the mini portions. 

Coffee for those who needs it

Coffee for those who need their caffeine boost. A few folks with us just had to have their coffee break.
If you are wondering, a cup of coffee with sugar has around 85 calories. :-)

The set meal costs $12.80

Cafe Pralet
Eng Hoon Mansion #01-03/04
17 Eng Hoon Street
Singapore 169767

Tel: 6324 1663

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