Wednesday, November 17, 2010

600 calories or less meal: Swensen's

This was an invited food tasting session courtesy of the Singapore Health Promotion Board.

Has the Health Promotion Board folks been counting my calorie intake? They probably are. What makes me think so, you might be asking. Well.....

I got an email recently to join the Health Promotion Board Corporate Communication folks and 2 of their nutritionists for a food tour to 5 different eating places. They are on a mission to educate me, (and probably all you readers too) that lower calorie food can taste good too! I did a short post here few days ago.

Here's our quests for 600 or less calorie meals.

Here's Destination No. 1:

Earle Swensen's at VivoCity.

Cod with Veggies and Mixed Rice Grains

Swensen's has introduce this low calorie dish that is healthy and yet tasty.
This is their Grilled Cod Fish with Wild Rice set. ($25.90 with a choice of freshly brewed coffee or tea)

They had mixed the white rice with black glutinous rice (pulut hitam). (At home we mix white rice with brown rice, but I had never tried white rice with black glutinous rice before. This combination does taste good.)

The whole dish had a very clean clear look. It does look plain, but what they have done is to make the clear broth very tasty. So this dish tasted rather delicious.

Cod with Veggies and Mixed Rice Grains

The cod had been grilled so less oil was used. Cod's already an oily fish.
Can you believe the dish above together a cup of coffee or tea was about 600 calories only?

Most guys need about 2200 calories a day and ladies 1800 calories. So 600 is just about nice for 1 out of the 3 meals you eat a day. For the guys, if you divide 2200 by 3, you get 733. So that entitles you to try the following low calorie ice cream!

Swensens Ice Cream

One scoop of ice cream is usually about 300 calories. Swensen's has come out with a slightly lower calorie ice cream that still tasted ok! The above are the 200 calories ice cream. I personally liked the chocolate better than the vanilla or strawberry. ;-)

The 200 calories a scoop ice cream only comes in 3 flavours, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.

*** Christmas Commercial Break ***

The Swensen's folks decided to let us try their Christmas Log cake.
The HPB nutritionists were around! Oh Oh.. How? Can we try it?

Christmas Ice Cream Log Cake

The HPB Corp Comm folks are the nicest folks around. They agreed but stressed that we must emphasize that this is not part of the low calorie diet. This is a special treat for Christmas ok?

The log cake is called the Chendol Jubilee.
Calories unknown, but price that I saw on the way out on the fridge counter was $52.45 with GST.

Christmas Ice Cream Log Cake

Frozen chendol and palm sugar. What an indulgence. It was good!

Since all of us was in the company of the HPB folks, we behaved and showed some restraint. Most of us did not touch the fresh cream layer that surrounded the cake. *laugh at us if you want*

The Grilled Cod Fish with Wild Rice is available for Dine In only at all Swensen's till 31 December 2010. This set does not includes the Buffet Salad Bar.

Earle Swensen's
1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098585

Tel: 6272 3306
Hours: 10.30 am to 10.30 pm

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