Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gong Cha @ City Square Mall

I had my first try of Koi last week. Over the last weekend, I tried Gong Cha!
We tried it because there was no queue!

Gong Cha

The branch we went to was at City Square Mall.

We went at 7 plus in the evening, when most people are having dinner. We wondered if that's the reason there was no queue.

Gong Cha

There was 7 or 8 of us who got interested in having Gong Cha. We were having super 4 hour long super slow healthy lunch earlier. As it was a long lunch, we talked about all sorts of things. Koi Cafe and Gong Cha were one of the many topics!

Gong Cha

We found out there are healthy and non healthy drinks. It all depends on what you choose to have. We got to know some 'health freaks' and they told us that.

If you choose the 'pearls', it has actually the same amount of calories as a bowl of rice! Woo hoo! Does that mean it's a meal replacement? LOL

Gong Cha

As we were with our new health freak friends, we got influenced. Honey Milk Tea. That means it has no sugar added. Only honey to sweeten it! No pearls too, this other friend opted for Herbal Jelly!

Gong Cha

For me, I had the Alisan Tea!
Instead of pearls, I had Ai-Yu Jelly. I have no idea if Ai-Yu jelly is really healthier. ;-)
I had 30% sugar. So it's not that sweet.

Gong Cha

I think it's not bad. The Alisan Tea is similar to the ones that my colleague brews for us almost everyday in the office. (Such a nice colleague eh?) It was very refreshing!

Instructions on how to drink it. (The red sticker on the last photo)
- Take a sip of the frothed milk
- Take a sip of the tea below
- Mix them all up, then drink.

Gong Cha
Available at:
1. City Square Mall
2. Novena Square2
3. Vivocity Shoppping Centre
4. Plaza Singapura
5. RafflesCity SC

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Life for Beginners said...

I think it's kinda cute - to have instructions on how to drink. Rather Japanesey of it. :)

Dave said...

"Boba"(it's called that here in California but "Pearls" in most other places) is pretty bad for you. Definitely not something that is healthy. It's probably okay once in a while though.

Does the instructions also come in English. You know..., in case someone can't read Chinese.

CUMI & CIKI said...

so cute got instructions.. are they worried you might think its shampoo and use it on your hair instead LOL:P

Keropok Man said...


Talk about Japanesey, I have a colleague who buys stuff from the $2 Jap stores because of the funny English translation of instructions. LOL

Oh, they call it Boba. How interesting. I was told it has as much calories as a bowl of rice. Very deceiving eh? The calories in those little things.

No, it's only in Chinese characters. I had to ask someone to translate for me. I am one of those who can read certain characters only ;-p

Hey talk about shampoo. Have you seen Goat's Milk shampoo in department stores?

When it first came out, I thought they were really milk for drinking and not shampoo!

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bakery equipment said...

Wow.. So many tea flavors at one place only. Seems really nice place for all tea lovers. Looking forward to visit some day.

edmund said...

Hi Phillip :)

great catching up today

and thanks for the review on gong cha

Keropok Man said...

Hi Edmund,

Great to see you again too!

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