Monday, March 23, 2009

Dinner @ SQ12 (SIN-NRT-LAX) Economy

This is Part II of the flight. The flight from NRT-LAX. There's also a choice of 2 selections. Japanese or International.

Momo had the International Selection which had the chicken.


The Appetizer which is a seafood salad.


The warm bun. Momo's bun was soft, but the one I got was rock hard! I think they heated mine way too long....

Warm Roll

The chicken selection with mash potato.

Chicken & Whip Potato

For me, I had the Japanese selection again.

Japanese Selection on SIN-NRT-LAX SQ12 (NRT-LAX Portion)

The starter / appetizer was a single prawn salad. LOL.


I took the Japanese selection because I wanted the cold noodles again. I can't read Japanese, but I think for this leg, the sauce is from Japan.

Soba Sauce

The pickles that was kinda tasty. If only they had more...

Japanese Pickles

The cold soba. Lovely and cold. You don't get it this cold on ground. (even with ice below it in restaurants, which is why it is so nice on the plane?)

Cold Soba

The hot meal was beef for the Japanese selection. It was Japanese Meatloaf. I did not really like it though.

Meat Loaf

The crackers.


The high light of this leg was the Fauchon ice cream they served.

Fauchon Ice cream

Fauchon Ice cream

It's so creamy and you can see they use real vanilla pods. It's so fragrant too...

Fauchon Ice cream - Vanilla!

OK. I promise the next post will not be airline food anymore. :-)

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Natasha Isabelle said...

please do.. i love your airline food pics!

~ natasha

Anonymous said...

Its quite rare to see Fauchon's products on an airline! Good on you to have the opportunity to try the ice cream.

Anonymous said...

Ya I love your airline food pix too!! Some more pls? =)

Anonymous said...

It is quite an eye opener if more airline food r being shown in blogs ! SQ certainly has class lah ! We hv flown to european cities for our vacations n the service/food is nothing to write home abt. Finnair had the cheek to charge for a cup of coffee on an early morning flight when most passengers were still stiff from the winter cold while making their tracks to the airport (especially those travelling on public trains cum buses !).

For flights under the 2hrs, we were being served a cold cheese/ham bun with orange juice/coffee. Some budget airlines just offer muesli bars n fruit juices - like who needs those when a warm cup of beverage is much more appreciated !

So then, I'm drooling a bit over ur pix here !

alicesg said...

Oooo your photo make airline food looked so good. SQ is very well known for its inflight food. Once I had some slices of turkey on christmas eve on the way back from Australia. Felt so pampered. :)

Julia said...

Wow, Fauchon ice cream?? So luxurious! The Japanese crackers they serve are a nice touch too! :)

Unknown said...

Natasha, Anon2,
We shall see. haha.... The flight back's food photos are in my archives. I wonder if I should post it...

Ya, it was a surprise. Too bad on the flight back, it was not Fauchon!

You know which airline to fly back next time. It seems they are really struggling now. They have asked their employees to take compulsory days off.

I had meals from Qantas too. I think their food's not bad too. But it has nothing to do with Singapura, their food photos don't end up here. LOL...

I think that leg of flight had the more picky eaters, that is why the food's better. :-)

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