Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tampopo @ Takashimaya Shopping Centre

Momo and I had a quick dinner at Tampopo, Takashimaya Shopping Centre. We were attracted by the huge banner outside that said they were having anniversary specials that will end by September 2010. If you want to try out their food, there are 2 days left to enjoy their offer!

*** Hokkaido Cold Tofu ***

The photo on the menu looked really cute so we ordered it. The real thing does not look as cute.


The Hokkaido Cold Tofu ($8) was very 'bean flavour'. We were taught how to eat it. To make it nicer, we can pour some soy sauce over it. Personally, am not very impressed, probably because I am not a very tofu person.

***  Top Grade BP Tonkatsu Set ***

When we were seated, the server showed us a list of their discounts available. One of the pages that attracted our eyes were the Black Pig Tonkatsu page.

We saw the Top Grade Black Pig Tonkatsu Set had a 40% off. Like many of you I am sure you will be attracted by the discounts. LOL!  


The set was quite filling. You can ask for more salad (shredded cabbage) and rice if you want. I doubt anyone asks for more since there's already so much to eat.

There's a bottle of salad dressing on the table for you to add to the salad.
The salad dressing is just ok. It's a bit too acidic tasting for our liking.

We liked this breaded deep fried pork. Crispy outside, moist inside. Yummy!


*** Black Pig Loin Tonkatsu ***

This is the other set we had. It's the loin cut instead. This one had a 50% off though.
We just had to order it because of the 50% tag. So kiasu eh?


For both sets, you would have noticed the sauce with dark brown sauce on it. The sauce in the middle of the tray was the Miso based sauce which is sweeter. We were told if we want the saltier version, it's the bottle on the table. We can try and see which suits our taste buds.

We liked the service because they gently hint to you how to eat. So if you a noob, don't worry. They will tell you. I guess they want you to eat the food the way it should be eaten?


I liked mine with the miso based sauce and with lots of the yellow mustard (the yellow thing in the photo on top). Momo did not like the mustard so I took all of hers. I thought mustard and the miso sauce went really well with the pork.

*** Miso Soup ***

The miso soup that was part of the set was good! There was thin strips of pork inside and lots of leeks, carrots and onion. It was quite a hearty miso soup!


Their service was quick and good. Momo said this outlet at Takashimaya is brighter so you feel happier eating here. The other branch at Liang Court seems darker. It's your preference, go to the outlet you like! If you want to try their stuff, I guess the anniversary deals could be a good time to try it.

The food was $38.78 after the discounts. Total bill with GST and service charge was $45.65

Tampopo Takashimaya
391 Orchard Road
Takashimaya Shopping Center
Singapore 238872

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Kenny Mah said...

Hehe, I had a couple of meals here too during my recent trip... the ramen is soooo good! (And by that, I don't just mean the noodles but the soup/broth/stock - you gotta love pork bones!)

*beams happily*

huan said...

discounts for whole day? or just dinner?

I am surprised you din order the ramen. :)

desserts any good?

purinne said...

love tampopo :) but find tat the food at liang court is better than tat of taka's branch ... still ... 40 % discount is too much to resist hehehe ...

u shd try their scoop cake next time ... heavenly~ :)

alkanphel said...

I feel that the standard of the soup is better at the Liang Court branch, but I haven't been back since they renovated so I can't say if Liang Court is still good or not.

Ciki said...

haiiiayah. of course you won't like it la, if you don't like tofu LOL:P anyway the price looks good (if you don't convert) for the amount you ate. Another place to visit next!

Unknown said...

Haha... glad u like it. Come again soon? :-p

the whole day! only 2 person, we felt like having rice that day.

so full, did not try the desserts that day!

I went again, but did not try the scoop cake. I should go one day and have desserts only eh?

The people in the kitchen at Liang Court is the 'old hand'? Probably right? Liang Court is a bit out of the way for me :-(

yes, come come!

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