Monday, June 25, 2007

Tuffles Samples by : aka Arzhou's

I had some truffles prepared by Adrian from Sweethut earlier in the evening.

We were waiting for 'someone from the east' to appear before the tasting, so the tuffles were gently melting away. Here's some photos of the truffles.

These chocolate powder coated ones are Kahlua flavoured.

The ones coated with sugar (that has dissolved due to the Singapore heat) are Rum flavoured.

I am a super dark chocolate person, I would love it to be more bitter :-p

Support Adrian, our local entrepreneur who is starting up.
If you would like to place an order, you can visit

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pinkhippo said...

Rum flavoured! My favourite!

K I must check this out. :)

arzhou said...

Wow KM I never knew my truffles can look that good on camera :p

The Cooking Ninja said...

Looks delicious :)

Miccheng said...

Bro... you've gotta gimme more tips on digital photography man. :D

tigerfish said...

I want I want! Don't fight with me over super dark dark chocolate leh!

eastcoastlife said...

er... ahem... hehehe....

They don't look like that when I finally got them! I must kapo your photo.

Keropok Man said...

try visiting their website and order :-)

hope more pple order it. not bad, not bad at all!

cooking ninja,
salivate hahaha...

you learn fast, your pics of it is quite good actually.

i am suddenly thinking of ghirardelli chocolates leh... then suddenly Sees Candies come to my mind also. arrghhh....

pple wait for you for so long....

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