Monday, June 18, 2007

Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken BBQ (1)

On Father's Day, which is yesterday, we went to Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken BBQ for lunch. It's located at Ngee Ann City.

Instead of thinking what to eat, we thought why not take the set meal? So here's what we ate.

Just like most Korean places, you get all the tiny starter dishes. I love them!

Then for the BBQ meat, you can cook them by yourselves, or opt for the their kitchen to do if for you. Our kid cousin wanted to cook it, so we let her cook for us!

There are 4 plates of meat, I guess I was too lazy nowadays to take so many photos, so here's the 3 that I took.

The marinated beef. I can't remember exactly which it is marinated in, but it's just so so good!

This is the tender beef ribs, the meat around it is sliced longish and then we BBQ it. This is even more delicious!

I remember pork collar, so I guess this must be it. The fat melts after grilling, so the meat taste so tender....

There's also another chicken meat. Not taken here...

Here's one of the batches of the meat being cooked. I only took 1 shot! haha... I guess we were most interested in eating than taking photos.

This is the veg that you can wrap the meat with.

More tomorrow...

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The Cooking Ninja said...

mmm...Korean BBQ ... I gotta check this out when I'm back in Singapore. Sure looks yummy.

Emily Lin said...

It looks yummy!! Nice food blog BTW.. I thought you're malay but after seeing those awesome posts with pork inside, I suppose you're a chinese :p
Indeed you should bring me go makan if I'm going to Singapore. :D

Anyway, it's called ginseng BBQ rite? But why I can't see any ginseng? Must be eaten by you all :p

eastcoastlife said...

The Korean BBQ here is awesome. I love the BBQ meats.

Anonymous said...

does the oil drip into the fire?

Keropok Man said...

cooking ninja,

you should! you will love it!
korean food like korean dramas are addictive! haha..

Keropok Man said...


Haha.. Apa Khabar? Kalau mengunjung Singapura, jemput saudari makan!

Keropok Man said...


Yes, it taste so so so good right??

Keropok Man said...


Yes, the fire is above a container that's filled with water. (yes, we were curious and inspected it! haha..)

Emily Lin said...

Oh betul ke? Baiknya.. Tak boleh tipu aku ya :p

Ming_the_Merciless said...

I like Korean BBQ but I don't like the smell of it on my clothes afterwards.

Keropok Man said...


Tak tipu! benar!

You should try this one! The a bit high class place has suction fans right in the cooking pan, you dont really smell at all!

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