Saturday, June 23, 2007

Oreo Cheesecake by Crystal Jade My Bread

Oh no... I hope it's not a birthday cake overdose on this blog.
But this is quite delicious. It's a oreo cheesecake by Crystal Jade My Bread.

You can see we love celebrating birthdays! No matter how old or how young a person, blowing candles always brings joy to their faces. This cake's for a little 8 year old girl. You could just melt when she smiles!

Her mummy bought this cake for her, and we all celebrated with her. Dorcas is her name.

(no more cross section, else Tigerfish will say something again.. haha)

Mini mini oreos right on top!

Do you like people to celebrate birthdays for you?
I know ladies like it too (though they will deny it), we just need to put only 1 candles, or put down candles that total to 16 years old :-)

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pinkhippo said...

My friends and I used to celebrate birthdays during our younger days.

Usually we will be busy 1 to 2 weeks before birthday, dinner, dinner, dinner. As we get older, we just send sms to say "Happy Birthday!" no more cakes or dinner... :)

Keropok Man said...

pinkhippo, you should restart it!
our group of friends do it and its a great time to meet up.

we do it monthly, where the birthday person is free :-)

daphne maia said...

i love surprises! haha...

n i like birthdays too... i jus ignore the increasing number of years.. haha im forever 19!

The Cooking Ninja said...

what a beautiful and sinfully delicious cake. :) I love birthdays whether it is celebrating mine or for others. Birthdays are so exciting.

Ann said...

That cake looks sooooo yummy. And yes, now I am hungry! :-D

wmw said...

I like Oreo with anything edible! LOL...Luckily I have my far share of desserts yesterday before checking your blog. Else I'll have to go get my dessert fix! :o)

tigerfish said...

Hee that from the bakery of Crystal Jade? Never tried their cakes but love their char siew polo buns :)

Ming_the_Merciless said...

I just had some chocolate covered oreos at my friend's place yesterday.

The orea cake looks yummy.

Jackson said...

yoo.. i love the leave deco...

Momo said...

No, i wouldnt deny that i like birthday celebrations! Hee :P Especially the surprise of it! :)

GT said...

I always have to have ice cream cake. That Oreo cake looks delicious!!

Keropok Man said...


i think everyone does, sometime not surprise also must act surprise right? haha...

cooking ninja,
once in a while ok lah.. not that sinful... unless you love to celebrate birthdays, then a bit sinful lah...

me too!

big oreo fan i see! hehe..
i like oreo on icecream!

yes, it CJ's bakery, not bad lah. nowadays every chain has their own bakery...

choc covered oreos? that sounds new. i want some!

the leaves are yummy! i stole a few to eat. haha...

hmmmm maybe we can plan a surprise haha.. pretend dunno ok?

ice cream cake. ooo.... that's absolutely yummy.

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