Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Introducing the KFC Miso Crunch. Had it yet?

Hey hey hey, the Keropokman also eats fast food ok.. haha...

I saw the advertisement on the newspaper this morning, and I have not had KFC for sometime, so off I went to try try lah. Got new Miso Crunch KFC.

I ordered the set meal. It comes with 2 pieces of chicken.
The first piece...

The second piece... Err, does it look yummy to you? Haha...

It also comes with a regular ice green tea.

And also a regular whip potato.

The chicken is really crispy lah. It just came out when I ordered it. So it was not cold chicken. The taste, ok and so so lah. For me, I think original recipe's still my favourite.

The pieces of chicken is quite large though.
$4.95 for the set meal.

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tigerfish said...

So the chicks taste like miso arh? Only miserable thin seaweed to mark it Japanese leh. How come it's whipped potato? Shd be something like whipped chawanmushi mah - eg.kentang-mushy? LOL.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Hmm! Do you taste any miso flavor in the chicken??

I haven't had them in awhile but there is a KFC store near my office. And there is a huge ad in front of the store -- Tuesday dinner special: 2 pieces of fried chicken, one side and one roll (bread) for $1.99. Don't know much it is from Wednesday - Monday. :-)

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