Friday, June 08, 2007

Sawadeka - Say it in Thai

You can guess from the title that its Thai food today. Had dinner at Patara Thai tonight. What a feast we had! This is the plate that we were served on. Pretty plate eh?

We started with appetiser, which was indeed appetising. Very interesting combination of Norwegian smoked salmon with pomelo salad.

Main course started with honey pork ribs. There is a more glamorous description to this dish, but err, the guest blogger forgot. Its fried with lots of garlic and black peppercorn, oooh so, yummy.

Here's the vegetables dish. For someone who does not eat much brinjal, this is good. The glamorous name: Aubergine stir-fried with shimp paste, chilli and basil.

There was a last dish, but guest blogger was too hungry to take time to shoot it. Thank you to Unagi and Panda for the company.

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pinkhippo said...

I love the food here! :)

The olive rice is nice too and the dessert as well.

Of course the food is not cheap though.. :)

MeltingWok said...

Can make the pix. not so big a not !:P Waiting for the pix to upload is pain in the butt, and makes the salivating glands dry :P

Momo said...

thank you for dropping by. I must try the olive rice next time.

Err, i got instructions from keropokman to make it this size. better listen lah, wait kena sack cannot be guest blogger :P anyways, i will feedback to him ;) thanks.

adetan said...

The food was yummy. Too bad we over-ordered, if not we could have tried out the dessert buffet. We must go for more yummy meals! :)

yeezer said...

yumms....and all the dishes were very tasty!
when are we doing this again?? hehe :)

Keropok Man said...

ooooo, adetan, yeezer and momo went to eat Thai too!

Ms J and I have been eating Thai food for most meals!

Errr we broke rules and ate Mcdonalds ala Thai too. haha..

Hmmm Size to big? Quite ok leh, here in Bangkok.


Well done Momo, you have been a fabulous guest blogger!

eastcoastlife said...

Having a holiday in Bangkok still checking on your blog. hehehe.... Enjoy wor.

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