Saturday, June 09, 2007

환영 - Welcome

I simply love Korean food. Before the main dishes arrived to the table, they always serve you 4 to 6 dishes of appetisers. And each one taste quite different. This was eaten at Crystal Jade Korean @ Centrepoint.

Started with korean bean sprouts. These don't taste like the ordinary ones, its has more "beannie" taste.

Next came the traditional kimchi. Ooo, this was spicy! But if you love spicy and sour together, this is good.

Following that, green vegetables. Cant remember what's this called, but its a tad oily.

Then came something that tasted like radish.

This is also radish, prepared in another way. This one doesnt taste as spicy as the kim chi.

Lastly, eggplant with capsicum.

Just those 6 appetisers, we were already 1/2 filled. And the main course was not served yet! That comes tomorrow ;)

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1 comment:

pinkhippo said...

Hmmm... Think I am strange. I dont know "how to eat" korean food.

The kimchi looks spicy but it is not the type of "spicy" that I long for ... lol

But I do enjoy korean BBQ. :)

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