Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken BBQ (2)

After all the BBQ thingy, the table was cleared and other dishes were served next.

This is kimchi radish and sliced boiled pork. It's a bit chewy. Those who like them chewy would love it. I like the melt in your mouth type.

This is the ginseng chicken. Sam Gye Tang. It's their signature dish, if you realise the name of the place. We had the lady dressed in Korean traditional dress served into smaller bowls for us. I tell you, you would love this soup! Everyone of us did! It has glutinous rice in it, so it's a bit porridgey.

There's also grilled fish. I forgot the exact name. You realise I am quite forgetful nowdays? haha... Maybe I need to eat more gingko.

Next was Rice topped with assorted vegetables, beef, and egg in a hot stone pot. It is known as Bibimbap. The lady showed us the big stone bowl, but our table's too full, so she served them into smaller bowls for us too.

This is not in the set meal. But aunt wanted to eat the korean pancakes, so we ordered the spring onion and seafood pancake. ( Pa Jeon ) It's sis and aunt's favourite!

So, where did you all go for Father's Day?

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eastcoastlife said...

Oh I love the food here. It's really very good! Quite pricey though, but Korean food is expensive. But I think the food here tastes better than the ones I had in Seoul.

The Cooking Ninja said...

The soup looks simply delicious.

tigerfish said...

I've had those korean ginseng chicken soup with rice in it long time ago in Sg (forgot name of rest. but think closed down liow), and love it. Swa prepack of this in korean supermarket here. Yes, the pack comes with ginseng and even rice grains, just got no chicken. Maybe can buy and try hor?

Keropok Man said...


Really? Maybe the ones here have to been made to suit our taste.

Cooking Ninja,

The soup is a must try! Maybe you can prepare it at home too!


Ya ya, try and then post it up! Would love to see you prepare it!

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