Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Oh so yummy Penang Food buffet @ Penang Place (1)

The other day, it was aunty's birthday, and we were suppose to treat her, but instead they paid for the food!

We went over to Penang Place, where we have not gone for a long time.

It's a Penang Food buffet place. Guess what, we once brought a penang friend over, she told us, no way that Penang food outside penang is edible. haha.. But she said this one can pass her Penang standard.

It's a buffet, so i started with my fav. Satay.

The rendang looks yummy or not?

Everyone seems to pick a pack of otah, so i also follow lah...

The Char Kuey Teow here die die must try. Usually, during less busy periods, it's cook when you order, but during peak hours, it's mass cooked and place on the buffet trays. We went early, so it was less busy and here's a cook when you order version.

There are the food that pleases all kids and kids at heart like ayam goreng, i remember sometimes it is ayam goreng kunyit, all the malay salads etc...

More photos tomorrow.

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DaphneMaia said...

oh mannnn :( i wanna eat penang food too! waiting for ur next post on this!! where is this buffet place? muz bring my BF there.. our first trip together was to penang! :)

Emily Lin said...

I think I should go to Penang to get myself the real penang food cos your post is tempting me.


I want prawn mee, char kuey teoy, cendol, lobak, tong sui.....! :p

tigerfish said...

Where is this place arh ?

The Cooking Ninja said...

wah ... the rendang and otak looks so delicious. Good thing I already had my dinner. hehehe

Keropok Man said...

a few more hours, when i get home tonite, i will post the next installment ;-)

yeah, penang food in penang island itself is nicer... i suddenly thought of the famous laksa there!

The restaurant is called Penang Place and the url is

cooking ninja,
what did you prepare for dinner? maybe next few days you can cook rendang too. (or ask tigerfish for recipes, she's good!)

team BSG said...

that is a gigantic Pg chiak tai cheaarr liau lah lu lang ka liau .

ma si bo kau !

tigerfish said...

Alamak, so far arh!!!!

Ex-Penangnite in Sydney said...

I was there a few months ago. Not easy to find the place which is in Jurong East, I believe. Food is alright, char koay teow and penang laksa were good.

Keropok, one of the highlights of my day is to see what you have been eating the previous day. Have been doing that for the last six months. Your pictures are great. How come when I was living in Singapore 20 years ago, I was unaware of such epicurean pleasure.

Thanks for your effort.

Keropok Man said...

haha team bsg
want to eat too?

tigerfish, not very far lah. from US maybe far lah. LOL

yes, it's inside a tech park!
thanks for visiting this site, you did not explore enough? haha... sydney's got lots of good food! i love the food there! eg Tet's, Whalf, Aria, etc.. :-)

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