Friday, June 15, 2007

Kopitiam @ NUH : Cheapest chicken feet in town!

Today deciding where to eat for lunch, one colleague said: "Chicken Feet". Immediately we know where we are going!

The Dim Sum stall at Kopitiam NUH - Kent Ridge Wing actually has very delicious chicken feet. But take note that 90% of the time it is nice, the other 10%, depends on your luck! Really! We love it most of the time, but there was once, maybe the cook poured too much vinegar in it, it taste so sour!

Actually, today we only ordered 5 steamer trays of it.
To quote colleague who likes it very much. The chicken feet is soft enough, but not soft until 'nuah nuah' in hokkien. It still has a bit of chewiness to it.

There was once we ordered 10 of it. Our lunch gang has 6 persons usually.

Price? $2 per bamboo steamer tray.
To get it cheaper, apply for the Kopitiam NUH Staff Card, you get 20% off! So it's $1.60!
Now, that's cheap and delicious phoenix claws!

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Ming_the_Merciless said...

Wait? Was that all you ate? No rice or shu mai or har kow?

I don't particularly like it but will eat it if someone orders it.

tigerfish said...

I also like chicken feet...wah...somemore so cheap!

MeltingWok said...

wahh..have not have chicken feet since my last cleansing soup with watercress haha, nvmd, I go diet now, save the best for last muahaha :)

P/S: Hey Momo, thx for dropping by, I hope keropok did not bully you with too much workload, else, just boycott for more 2 dolla chicken feet, alrigh t ? hehe j/k !:)

wmw said...

I don't eat chicken feet...but do enjoy watching others eating them. Ha ha ha...

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