Monday, June 11, 2007

Cafe at the Museum

Finally had a chance to step into the newly opened (rather it opened in Dec 2006) Singapore Museum, after a 3-year facelift. Decided to try the cafe there, which was previously known as Wa Cafe. Now it is known as Novus cafe by day and probably Novus Bar by night.

Ordered a Ice Mocha - as it was a 34 degrees sunny day. Nothing to "wa"(dont mind the pun) about. Looks quite ordinary with chocolate sauce at the bottom. But the coffee has "oophm".

Next, served was Roast Beef Sandwich with homebaked Spelt Melt bread. I have not heard of Spelt Melt bread. From what you see, its looks like brown bread with lots of nutritious nuts ;)

When you lift the top piece of bread, you will see lots of beef packed inside! This sandwich includes slices of grilled tomatoes and some leaves of lettuce. Also its spread with horseradish sauce. Very good combination and very delicious.

The meal is finished off with a cake. Not a very unique name, the cake is just called "Dark Chocolate Cake". Soaked in chocolate sauce, this is absolutely melt in the mouth :P

After that if can start your tour of the Singapore Museum. Enjoy.

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