Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Chicken Rice - my most eaten lunch.

This is what I ate yesterday, decided to snap it for the fun of it.
Chicken Rice from the chicken rice stall at the canteen where I work.
It might just be the most eaten dish that has gone into me. LOL.

Of course not always chicken wings, sometimes its roast pork, roast chicken, soy chicken (like this one), or 'white' chicken. I always have 'add vegetables' with my chicken rice. $2.40

What's your most eaten dish for lunch?

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pinkhippo said...

Chicken rice for me! I love Wee Nam Kee chicken rice near my office. So yummy!

Actually there is a new shope in Square 2, think is called "Nan Xiang", not too bad. The "white" chicken drum stick is soft and just melts in your mouth!

I just love chicken rice so much! Everyday is can.. :)

tigerfish said...

"Engine" canteen used to have one of the best chicken rice but think closed down loooong time ago leow :(
So, which canteen is this ?

eastcoastlife said...

at the canteen where I work

You work at the canteen? as what? cleaner or dishwasher? kekeke....

Lian Shi said...

most eaten lunch for me is nasi padang wrapped in banana leaf from alexandra distripark food centre. max $3.00. + $1.20 for drink.

cheep cheep. i love singapore!

(now stuck in finland, ha)

Ming_the_Merciless said...

All that for $2.40?? Aiyo! Such a bargain.

My favorite quick easy food is diner-burger; NO, not McD type burger. REAL beef burger, done rare...with the beef still red and uncooked. Instead of fries, I ask for a side of sauted broccoli and carrots. $7.00 + $3.00 for tip & tax = $10.

I eat that like four times a week.

Keropok Man said...


you say until like that.. melts in your mouth, like die die must go try it like that!

this is Science canteen. Nowadays got voting system, if canteen no good, staff and students can vote it out!

but the process, we not sure how lah, some vote it to be out, still there one.. hmmmm...

if only i am the food taster...

lian shi,

what do pple eat in finland? hmmm

done rare, i got a friend who like things rare too. urrr... too bloody for my liking...

Anonymous said...

They served that at your canteen?

That chicken rice with soya sauce looks really good

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