Monday, December 10, 2007

Boon Lay Raja Seafood and Sharksfin Restaurant @ Jurong East

Was too busy yesterday to post. I thought I did, but only realised this morning that I forgot! Sorry if you expected something for Sunday. Today's post will have 'double issue'. (ie. more photos)

Last Friday, one colleague said, let's go have something different. He will treat. Two of us needed to return some library books, so we headed to the Jurong East Library.

Aha! After returning our books, we remembered Boon Lay Raja that we have not gone for sometime. We headed towards it.

Can't decide what to eat, we opted for the set meal. 3 of us only, the person paying said, it's ok. Take the $50 set that's for 3-4 persons. We were very pleased with the food.

This is the Thai Style fish. It's very well done. The sauce makes you want to eat more!

This is tofu with prawns inside. Yes, whole prawns in it, and it comes with mayo dips.

Celery with scallops.

Broccoli, tofu with different types of mushroom. Excellent.

Sweet and Sour Pork. I won't refuse this coz it's one of my fav food.

It comes with desserts too. Very milky but very refreshing as well.

If you realise, we are chicken feet pple! We ordered two trays of dim sums.
Chicken Feet is one way to test how good a chinese restaurant is right?
Yes, it's good. Much better than our frequently NUH Chook Feet. haha...

This Har Gao is good too!

Wondering where it is?
Here's the address:
135 Jurong East St 13
02-337 Singapore 600135

Oh ya, there's no Service Charge, but they provide excellent service though.
$65.90 for all of the above, plus tea, towel and peanuts.

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momo said...

That's where they moved too. I know this place like from young! If i remember correctly, they used to be at Boon Lay shopping centre. And it was about the only tastier chinese restaurant around in the 70s.

Anonymous said...

momo. they never moved. both are still ard at their places. both places have been ard for ages...

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