Saturday, December 01, 2007

Uno Beef House @ Dover Multistorey Carpark

Colleague who is on reservist came back again yesterday, and he drove in during lunch time. After settling some work matters, we head off for lunch. He wanted to try Uno at the Dover Multi Storey Carpark along Commonwealth Avenue.

We reach at 11:45 am, but 'aiya!', we thought the stall was closed as the shutters were down. We later found out they only open at 12 noon. So, we waited, and talked work + nonsense as usual.

We placed our orders at noon and the food was served very quickly. Wow!

One colleague had Fish & Chips

Our reservist guy had steak. He said he was sick of the SAF food. LOL.
You can see it steaming and bubbling on the hot plate!

3 colleagues ordered the Beef Stew. Was it stew day? Why did 3 persons eat it? I guess it was good, their plates were clean. (almost as if they licked it. haha...)

I had the Pork Chop.

Overall, not too bad, we might be back :-)

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maria elisa said...

looks good


Keropok Man said...

Thanks Maria!

Wanna have some when you visit Singapore? :-P

muzeeK said...

i just had dinner and my mouth is watering

Ele said...

I love their Black Pepper Chicken!

By the way, does anyone know if this is a branch of the one in Toa Payoh or did they move out of Toa Payoh?


Keropok Man said...


me too! haha...

Ya, think its the same Uno from Toa Payoh, according to my colleague who brought us here.

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