Thursday, December 27, 2007

Carl's Jr @ Plaza Singapura

I am back from holidays, been away for a week, and have to thank Momo for taking over :-)

Err, I ran out of photos to post! I have not been eating in Singapore for 7 days. haha.. I have lots of photos eaten the last 7 days, but they are not eaten in Sg, so can't post them here.

Anyway, just before I left last week, sis and I had Carl's Jr. The last time I had it was when they first arrived, been such a long time, that I can't remember. We saw earlier their big huge advertisement on the bus, we walked over.. haha...

There was some special burger (sorry, can't remember what it was). The person asked, single, double or triple. I thought it was small, medium or large. Haha.. I feel so silly now.

The fries...

The burger...

I am so 'sua ku'. I never knew fastfood cost so much! The fries, burger and a drink cost $14.00
It's going to be a while before I come here again. :-p

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1 comment:

MamaBoK said...

Was it worth the $14 ..??

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