Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Buffet Lunch @ Oscar's - Conrad Centennial Lunch

We had a farewell lunch for a colleague today. He has been around for so long and suddenly we found out he is leaving! We are sad that he is leaving, yet happy that he is looking forward to a new job.

We were suppose to go to Carousel at RP, but it was fully booked. Actually, 8 out of 10 places we called were fully booked! Everyone's having a feast these few days!!! We ended up here at Oscar's, Conrad Centennial Singapore which still had places. We should have booked earlier.

The mains are so so / ok / fabulous (it all depends on people right?), but here's a pretty picture for you. Yabby!

What all of us enjoyed was the desserts section. Absolutely delicious!

This is Hot Chocolate Pudding. Topped with a delicious scoop of ice cream.
Pudding that is so warm and soft and chocolatey, ok, with choc chip ice cream with a fancy name that i can't remember. :-)

OK, I topped up with a piece of chocolate that so deliciousss.....

Other than the chocolate pudding, there's also the warm waffle.
Yes, topped up with ice cream as well.

I love the chocolates there. I think it should me made by the hotel.
Lovely. Oh... I stress so lovely...

Lots and lots of desserts, but did not take photos of them. Busy eating and chatting.

Here is a photo of the dessert bar in front and the rest of the mains bar behind, and the kitchen right behind the big panels.

All the best KP, wishing you a good year and great start for your new job.

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PinkHippo said...

I was there last night. Bought dinner for my staff to thank them for all the good work.

I love their salad, really very yummy... cos lots lots of cheese! :)

Ming the Merciless said...

Ohhhh...everything looks so delicious.

tigerfish said...

Their food changed liow! Still look pretty though. I usually have their buffet dinner that includes buffet appetizers, sides, desserts + order-as-much-as-you-like from the main menu.

teckiee said...

the chocolate reminded me of Chocz. Just noticed that its actually a Singaporean franchise than open in Malaysia.. Always tot it was some "ang mo" company.

Keropok Man said...

the ceaser was good too! they mixed it in that big block of cheese. yumm.... :-)

then next time you visit SG, can bring you there!

the last time i had dinner there was also a ala-carte buffet for the mains. wonder if it's still the same. you are so much nearer to sg now, come back to eat lah!

oh. they have chocz in Msia now? i always remember them for the strawberries dipped in chocolate!

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