Friday, December 07, 2007

Tonkichi @ Takashimaya Shopping Centre

Wow, I just show the sauce in yesterday's post and there are people who actually can name the restaurant and the dish! I am so so impressed!

Yes, Evolution_FreeStyles, ryozan and Camemberu is so right. Yesterday, we went to Tonkichi at Takashimaya 4th floor and had Tonkatsu!

Momo had the Hire Katsu. It looks delicious eh?
On the menu, it says it is premium healthy pork! 4 pieces of it. The veg behind can be topped up if you like more.

For me, I suddenly turned healthy and did not take any fried food!
I had Ton Shabu. White Pork instead, and it look so so healthy right? It's very delicious as well!

I love the cucumber pickle below too, and the extremely fiery wasabi! It's the 'shoot right up the head' kind of potency. It comes with a bowl of sauce as well, but it taste very good with the sesame tonkatsu sauce for Momo's dish.

My set came with this delicious bamboo dish too. Too bad it was only a small bowl.
Ooops, some of my wasabi dropped in. :-)

Both were sets, and they came with very good rice and the usual pickles and Miso Soup.

Actually, we also had Cawanmushi. Picture looks usual, so not here.
Plus, Tonjiru. This is actually Miso Soup as well, plus "lots of other nice stuff", quoting the lady who was taking our order. haha..

It really is nice, much nicer than the Miso soup that came with it. There's meat, toufu, bamboo shoots, etc... But you got to have a high tolerance of sodium though :-)

Have a wonderful Friday!

Oh... if you want to know more about yesterday's photo, visit Camemberu's entry about her wonderful Tonkatsu in Japan. I want to try it too!!!

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*snowbiscuits* said...

this is one of my favourite pigging-out places=)

i always introduce this place to my singaporean friends because i seriously believe that other japanese restaurants do no justice to how tonkatsu should taste like. This is the only place i feel that serves really good quality tonkatsu.

but of course, the tonkatsu in japan tastes the best=) i do have some pics in my june archives of the japanese food i took when i went back to jp. but they didn't turn out as nicely as your photos=)

oh no i'm having a sudden craving for tonkichi's tonkatsu.

the hungry cow said...

I have not been to Japan so can't comment too much but I'm a Tonkichi fan! Glad to know you enjoyed it. :)

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