Monday, December 31, 2007

Last meal for the year.... Sushi Tei @ Holland Village

The last meal we had for the year 2007 was Japanese. I had some Sushi Tei vouchers and wanted to use them up. Met up with Uncle, Aunt and cousin with sis at the HV branch.

I was late. Oops.. So when I got there, everyone's already eating. The ebi uramaki and unagi uramaki was ready for me to eat.

We also had some sashimi. (The vouchers gave this Asama for free)

With the Hokkaido promotion now on, we ordered the giant chawanmushi. It feeds 3 or 4 persons. And look, it's not fake crab sticks, it's the whole pieces of real crab meat. yummy!

Sis likes this baked crab thingy, every time we are here, she orders this. We also had the baked scallops, which is also very delicious!

The vouchers also gives us a free Dragon Roll. It's really good. 1 huge prawn that's so nicely done and made into rolls with avocado slices over it. Aunt loved the crispy prawn head that was so fragrant very much.

See, the prawn's huge inside eh...

The egg roll with unagi wrap. It comes warm and delicious! Nice thick warm eggs. ah....

Sis wanted some hot soup, so we called her a teapot soup! haha..

Remember, I posted this too for a meal at Inagiku?

We ordered this so that little cousin can 'play with food'.
Why are we calling her little when in 2008, she'll be in P6!

This is Gyu Miso Yaki.

You cook it according to how 'done' you want it to be. Cousin did a good job. ;-)

We also filled ourselves with 3 carbo dishes: Curry Rice, Curry Udon and Garlic Rice.

The bill was $140 something before we presented the vouchers. With the vouchers for the free Asama and Dragon Roll, 2 $10 vouchers, 10% using Sushi Tei card, the bill shrunk to $88.48 ;-)

Alas, the Sushi Tei Credit Card is being discontinued, wonder if it's because all of us who have the card have been given too much discounts? haha... It becomes a loyalty card on 31 Jan 08.

So, what was your last meal for the year 2007?

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Momo said...

Wow! First time you posted 11 pictures in 1 posting ;) heehee.
Guess what? My first meal for 2008 was Sushi Tei! :) The Hokkaido promotion is very nice.

mama bok said...

Wow..!! to die for..!!
I wanna go home..!!!

tigerfish said...

The giant chawanmushi and crab thingy looks so yummy! The teapot soup only drink soup? Can eat the "liao" or not?

Happy New Year to you!

J.C. said...

Wow! What a feast to end the year! Look like a fabulous way to usher in the new year.

⋆✌㋡ღ⋆ ChenMeiXi ★ 陳美西 ⋆ღ㋡✌⋆ said...

gawd... now i'm hungry ^_^

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