Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Kopitiam Foodcourt @ National University Hospital

People think we are nuts when we say we want to have hospital food. Not the ones patients eat, but unhealthy but tasty ones meant for the healthy people. haha..

Colleagues and I call the Kopitiam Foodcourt at the NUH Kent Ridge Wing as the Chicken Feet place. Our nickname for places we want to go. We call it chicken feet because we will always order chicken feet here! No need for the photos, posted too many times of it.

4 of us ate from the same stall today. The Malay food stall. 3 of us had Nasi Briyani and 1 had Ayam Penyet (yes, again!).

It's spicy but it's not too bad. But just don't drink the soup that comes with it. You know how hospital food does not taste salty, well I think they donated their salt here to make soup!

The Ayam Penyet that has become a staple food.

$4.50 each for dish. But flash your Kopitiam NUH Staff card and get 20% off.

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kusumo(: said...

for ayam penyet rite, i strongly recommend ayam penyet ria at lucky plaza level 1 think next to lucky prata but u have to be able to stand the spicy chili cos the chicken taste very very nice only with the chili.. hahaha

Keropok Man said...

i heard that is it nice, but still have not gone to lucky plaza to try it.

one day i will.... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yeay. the ayam penyet at lucky plaza is nice. though the 1st level store is nice,there's a 2nd ayam penyet store at the 2nd level,just above the first one. there,the sambal belacan is not as spicy but still as good,if not better. the shop is restro surabaya. :D

Keropok Man said...

thanks for the tip. shall try it next time.

makes me want to eat fried chicken now too. hehe..

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