Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Dinner @ Sembawang

This year we had our Christmas dinner after Christmas. Why? We were all away from Singapore and only back after Christmas. This year it was hosted by our relatives in Sembawang.

5 photos of the many food we had. It's a mix of Ang Mor Food and Asian Food. haha..

For the Ang Mor Food:

Aunt roasted a turkey, this shot is taken in her kitchen in Toh Yi before being transported to Sembawang. :-) Delicious looking eh? Home baked turkey taste the best.

Ball of Ham

Our niece mad tiramisu. (but where's the lady fingers, we were wondering. haha..)

The Asian food, we had:

Pan fried dumplings

Green Curry too.

plus fried bee hoon, roasted chicken wings, roast pork, vegies, etc...

It was good. Have a very Blessed Christmas.

[sorry for the backdated post, too busy doing so many things...]

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alicesg said...

Wow, the picture looked so delicious. Yummy.

mama bok said...

Yummy..!! great food..!! Happy New Year to you and yours..!

Camemberu said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Waaah, you are very lucky to have so many relatives in Singapore! :) Hey, is that roast pork I spy behind the ball of ham? Yummy...

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