Thursday, December 06, 2007

We were playing with food at a Jap place.

Earlier tonite, went with Momo to have dinner. OK, let's have a game. Anyone can guess where this place is and what are we playing with?

After we ordered our food, this came to the table. Hmmm. (we were suaku!) We had to asked what was it for? Toasted white sesame was the reply.

We were suppose to grind them. Then pour the 'x' sauce into it, to go with one of the dishes.

We did not grind them too fine, so that we can still have some 'bits' of it. I wonder if it's suppose to be like that. The moment we crushed them, it smell so so good!

Anyway, we poured in 'x' sauce in.

Then stir.....

Anyone knows what sauce was poured in? :-)

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Ioanna said...

Ho my god! What kind os site is this? Everything look absolutely delicious and I am on diet! What are you doing to me! Anyway, I forgive you! This sauce with sesame is soya sauce?

min~* said...

a mix of dashi, shoyu, mirin and sake? it's goma-dare yah?

min~* said...

or maybe miso & dashi :)

Evolution_FreeStyles said...

jap pork cutlet!!

ryozan said...

tonkichi and tonkatsu sauce.

Camemberu said...

The suribachi (mortar) and surikogi (pestle) for the sesame seeds give it away! Sauce is likely tonkatsu sauce. Probably Tonkichi although I have never had tonkatsu there before. Was it nice?

I did have some REALLY NICE TONKATSU in Japan though! hehe

Keropok Man said...

looking alone is calorie free. it's OK, i repeat, it's ok!

almost! :-)

evolution, ryozan,
are you all frequent visitors there? you even can name the restaurant!

i am tempted by the tonkatsu you ate in Japan!!!!

i am so impressed with your knowledge of Jap utensils too!

ryozan said...

tonkichi is most famous of katsu restaurants among the japanese circle in singapore! =) it is quite delicious, as good as many places in tokyo. i don't have very high taste, so i enjoy the brand "wako" in japan, it is quite good for its price.

the ground sesame is very delicious, isn't it?

Keropok Man said...

yes!! the moment you grind the sesame seeds, the smell is so so good!

it taste good too! :-)

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