Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fong Seng Nasi Lemak @ Clementi Road

Few days ago, colleagues and I we went to Fong Seng Nasi Lemak along Clementi Road to have lunch. Realise that we all did not really ordered real Nasi Lemak. So the photos are not of Nasi Lemak! haha..

But the Chicken Wings at Fong Seng is one of the things that most people will eat. Btw, that's not oil, but the gravy from the veg. :-)

We all ordered rice with the various dishes. Should have taken pictures of people around who are really eating Nasi Lemak.

You can see all the food recommendation posters on the Bain Marie that has all the delicious fried stuff! :-)

Have a super long weekend to those who managed to take the long leave!

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rinaz said...

Oh I remember this place! My friend and I went to the Boon Lay Hawker Center to have the famous Nasi Lemak there.

But as soon as we saw the ate the snaking queue, we changed our minds and went to Fong Sheng. I had prata while my friend needed to satisfy her Nasi Lemak. She said that it wasnt bad.

Have you tried the nasi lemak at Boon Lay, KM?

arzhou said...

Fong Seng is overated in my opinion. It just happens to be well located where there are lots of hungry NUS students living on campus

Keropok Man said...


firstly selamat hari raya!
i heard about the nasi lemak in boon lay, but yet to try it.

i have yet to try the mak maimunah too!

spot on! haha... I think its very convenient. But I do like its chicken wings with the sambal. other fried stuff, errr..

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